The San Diego Consortium for Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning (CWELL)

A Unique Partnership...

The San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education Division serving the education needs of over 50,000 new immigrants and undereducated adults yearly, is teamed with the San Diego State University, Department of Educational Technology to offer a new Master of Arts specialization in Workforce Education and Lifelong Learining, and the Applied Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences, Inc. to conduct research and development to better meet the needs of new immigrants and undereducated youths and adults for non-college credit education and training.

What is the mission of the San Diego CWELL?

The San Diego CWELL believes that learning is socially-based and intergenerational. This belief carries into a philosophy that greater emphasis on the education of adults in the home, workplace, school, and community will lead to better jobs, more efficient schools, and safer learning communities for our children.


The CWELL Action Research Center

Action Research to Produce New Knowledge.

The CWELL Action Research Center (ARC) is located in the San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education Division in the heart of San Diego's inner city, under-developed community. The ARC features:

  1. Resident and external Research Scientists with internationally recognized expertise in cognitive science, educational psychology, testing, assessment, evaluation, adult literacy, technical training and the application of these disciplines to the education needs of youth and adults.

  2. Teacher as Researcher program in which teachers and administrators participate in the design, conduct and reporting of original, "grass-roots" research to improve the practice of adult education in the ARC community.

  3. Adult Student as Researcher program in which Adult Students participate in the conduct and reporting of original research projects to better understand the need for, barriers to and methods for adult education from the adult learner's perspective.

  4. The WELLS Graduate Student program, in which Graduate Students from the San Diego State University who are enrolled in a new specialty degree program in Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning participate in the activities of the ARC.

  5. The Research Dissemination program that includes the publication and distribution of 4,000 copies of the Community Exchange newspaper three times a year, the conduct of four Saturday Seminars a year, and an Annual Conference on important issues facing adult education.

  6. Research and development conducted within a coherent conceptual framework of Functional Context Education that includes the Social Basis of Cognition, the Human Cognitive System, a Developmental Model of Literacy, a constructive, Information Processing approach to teaching and learning, and the educational attitudes from parents to children.

  7. Research and development of Scientists, Teachers, Adult Students and Graduate Students working in the ARC orchestrated by the conceptual framework to improve the Participation of adults in education, their Achievement in and outside the classroom, and the prevention of future learning and schooling problems of the adult's children.

CWELL Information Resources

WELLS Information

CWELL Contact Information

The CWELL Action Research Center
Dr. Barbara McDonald, Director
Mr. Bill Grimes, Coordinator
SDCCD, Mid-City Center
Tel: (619) 265-3452
Fax: (619) 265-3470

The CWELL Project
Dr. Thomas Sticht, Coordinator
Applied Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (ABC's)
Tel/Fax (619) 444-9595

CWELL Specialist's Program
Dr. Patrick Harrison, Coordinator
SDSU, College of Education,
Department of Educational Technology
Fax: (619) 594-6376

For information on WELLS Master's Degree Classes, contact:
Ms. Pam Monroe
Administrative Assistant
Department of Educational Technology
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-0311

Phone: (619) 594-6718
Fax: (619) 594-6376


The WELLS Master of Arts Degree

The Master of Arts Degree as a Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning Specialist (WELLS) from San Diego State University features:

  1. A concentration in Educational Arts and Technology so that adult educators of the future will possess mastery of educational theories, instructional design, interactive computer and telecommunications technologies for the design and delivery of adult education.

  2. A command of Cognitive Science applied to the learning, education and training needs of youth and adults who are undereducated or in other ways in need of special instructional methods and contents.

  3. An understanding of Culture and Human Resource Policies and Practices, including special emphasis upon the educational policy and practice implications of the growing cultural diversity in the adult population of the United States and the diversity of settings (homes, workplaces, schools, prisons, the military, etc.) in which adult education takes place.

  4. Participation by WELLS graduate students in work experience, internships in business and industry, including Fortune 500 companies, military, correctional and other institutional and organizational settings to enhance the performance of personnel through the diagnosis of performance problems, the development of job aids, or the design, delivery, and evaluation of instructional programs for adults.

  5. Development and maintenance by WELLS faculty and students of an electronic network for communicating with the ARC and R&D centers and labs around the world, for the dissemination of WELL, ARC R&D reports via e-mail and file servers accessed via Internet through the World Wide Web (WWW), the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) of the California State Department of Education, Adult Education Unit, and other electronic network services.

  6. Participation by the WELLS faculty in the research and dissemination activities of the ARC, incorporation of the new knowledge developed in the ARC into the WELLS graduate curriculum, and the direction of R&D and internship activities of WELLS graduate students to develop the adult education leaders of the 21st century.

WELL Advising Sheet

WELL Advising

Concentration in Educational Technology

Specialization in Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning (WELL)

This specialization will allow students to prepare themselves as professionals who will focus on the development of education and training programs for youth and adults who are traditionally undereducated, non-college educated and who work in non-management jobs.

Students interested in WELL would select course assignments and projects within their courses that are WELL related. There are many opportunities to focus on WELL from instructional design projects with clients from the WELL community, to evaluation of WELL related products or programs to internships at WELL related sites.

Two typical programs and sequences of studies for the WELL specialization follow:

Administrative Emphasis


Core program
Summer      Fall        Spring      Summer      Fall        Spring
---------   ---------   ---------   ---------   ---------   --------        
EDTEC 530   EDTEC 544   STE 639   EDTEC 644   EDTEC 775   ED 685        
EDTEC 540   EDTEC 541   ARPE 730    ED 690      ED 791A     ED 791BC      

Media Development Emphasis


Core program
Summer      Fall        Spring      Summer      Fall        Spring   
----------  ---------   ---------   ---------   ---------   --------     
EDTEC 530   EDTEC 541   EDTEC 544   EDTEC 775   EDTEC 561   ARPE 730      
EDTEC 540   EDTEC 572   STE 639      ED 690      ED 791A     ED 791BC      


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