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Welcome to ED 690!

Nearly all students earning a Master of Arts degree in Education complete a course that focuses on the methods or strategies for conducting educational research--whether that inquiry is basic, applied, or evaluative in nature.

In ED 690, you'll develop the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes (or values) that characterize the competent educational researcher--regardless of the environment in which you might work. In this course, you'll think systematically about inquiry--and how it "fits in" with the instructional design and performance improvement principles around which our EDTEC Master's program is organized. It is inquiry that informs how we design, develop, implement, and evaluate instructional interventions (programs, products, systems, aids) so that we truly meet learner/user needs.

Campus: 1st day of class is Wednesday, January 18 @ 7:00 pm
Distance: 1st day of class is Monday, January 23@ 4:30 pm

Instructors for Spring 2012

Campus: Dr. Marcie Bober-Michel |
Distance: Dr. Minjuan Wang |

Campus: We are using Moodle -- and the (partially-built) site will go "live" on Monday, January 16; on that day you'll receive an email with log-in info and other critical course information.

Distance: Please contact Dr. Wang for details.


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