Using Wimba

Getting Set for Wimba
Be sure that you're using a reasonably up to date computer and that you have a broadband (fast) connection. A dial-up connection will not work.

Second, make sure that you're connected directly to the ethernet with a cable going to your computer. A wireless connection will also work, but you'll have problems with the audio dropping out and the slides we show during class will arrive on the screen very slowly.

In terms of browsers, some have reported that Safari works better than Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you are stuck with internet Explorer, make sure that you have at least IE7. Version 6 is ancient and you'll have trouble with it not only with Wimba but on many other sites as well.

Get a Headset
Another thing you'll need is a comfortable headset. You'll be listening to your instructor and to each other for an hour or two at a time. Good earphones will block out distracting sounds and prevent feedback when it's your turn to speak. The model shown here is about $30 and can be purchased on Amazon [direct link] or locally at Fry's. 
Start Wimba
After you click on the link to EDTEC 470 in Blackboard, you'll see something like this. Your particular section might look a bit different but they'll all have a link to the Wimba Classroom.
Click on Classroom
Until you're sure that your computer is set up properly to use WImba, you shouldn't enter the classroom directly. Instead, you'll run a wizard that will check out your equipment first.
Launch the Wizard
Use the Wizard to put your computer through a checkup.
Run the Wizard
Click on Start and the process begins. It will check out your microphone, ask you to enable popup windows. and check to see if you have a usable version of Java.
Allow the Applet
To speed up your entry to Wimba, check the box and click on allow.
Complete the Wizard's Run
If all goes well, this is what you'll see. Click on Finished.
Enter the Classroom
Now, finally, you can enter the room.