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This website was developed for students in the Department of Educational Technology Department of San Diego State University. More specifically, this virtual environment was designed as a distance learning tool for Educational Technology 540 students. (You can thank us later for alleviating your parking woes and freeing you up for a night.) Enjoy yourself, have fun with the concepts. Think about how you can use job aids in your organization, your office, your daily lives. Allison Rossett served as a subject matter expert for this site. For additional information about job aids, please read:


The following pages are designed to allow you to read about job aids: what they are, how they work, what they look like. Additionally, you will have the option to see real job aids from many different types of organizations and situations. The Table of Contents is your jumping off point. Proceed in whatever order you like. The lessons are structured so that you can guide yourself. It's a good idea to find out what a job aid (section 1) before you learn how to build one.

Examples from various sources are used in each section. Also, key concepts are separated by headings such as this


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If you are a first time visitor, and have had little experience traversing the World Wide Web, we suggest you click on the brief tutorial at the top of this page, then go through the Table of Contents, in order, from section 1 through 4.

If you are coming here just to brush up on some definitions or look at some example job aids for your project, feel free to go where you like. Additionally, in our resources section, we have provided some web sites that budding Ed Techer's are sure to like. If you find some great job aids that you think we should include in this site, please e:mail us. The third and fourth sections are crucial if you are in the process of developing your job aids for ET 540. Think of it as a job aid on making job aids.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

    • What are Job Aids?
    • Job Aids vs. Instruction
    • Benefits of Job Aids

    • The Three Types of Job Aids

      • Job Aids for Procedures
      • Job Aids for Informing
      • Job Aids for Coaching

      • Job Aid Assignment

      • Resources