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The Difference
between goals and objectives

Goals are broad objectives are narrow.
Goals are general intentions; objectives are precise.
Goals are intangible; objectives are tangible.
Goals are abstract; objectives are concrete.
Goals can't be validated as is; objectives can be validated.


Goals: knows about the human body.
Objectives: LWBAT name all of the bones in the human body as stated in the medical textbook "The Human Body".


In the following list, click the circle to identify if the statements is showing a goal or behavior. Remember, it is considered a behavior if we can see or hear someone doing it, and if people agree upon whether it is being done. We're not concerned with how well it is being done, just whether or not it could be measured objectively.

Goal Behavior Statement
1. State the definition of a microcomputer.
2. Learn about software programs.
3. Circle the verbs in a sentence.
4. Feel a sense of fellowship with fellow employees.
5. Exhibit a dedication to one's occupation.
6. Differentiate between properly and improperly assembled computerized work stations.
7. Fill out a travel request.
8. Sing the company song.

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