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Kinds of Objectives

Objectives can be written for any type of learning. A common way to categorize learning is by the domain in which it occurs. The three domains and ensuing type of objectives include:

Cognitive : thought or knowledge: "what the student is able to do" (an observable)
Affective : feelings or choices "how the student chooses to act"
Psychomotor : physical skills "what the student can perform"

Written objectives take two forms depending on which type of respective domain the learning is to take place. Examples include:

"Learner will be able to" (LWBAT)
Used for:
Cognitive objectives
Psychomotor objectives

"Learner will choose to" (LWCT)
Used for:
Affective objectives


LWBAT - Assemble components of a Harley Davison motorcycle.
LWCT - File all customer complaints.

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