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Grading Policy

In the Department of Educational Technology, we expect a lot from our students. The University, the schools, and the professional community expect the department to maintain standards that reflect its reputation as one of the foremost programs of its type in the country. Based on guidelines in the SDSU Graduate Bulletin, the department defines letter grades as follows:

Letter grades and their descriptions
Outstanding achievement; available only for the highest accomplishment
Excellent performance; clearly exceeds course requirements
High achievement; clearly and substantially meets course requirements and criteria
Praiseworthy performance; definitely above average
Acceptable performance in a graduate course; meets most course requirements
Average; awarded for satisfactory performance; marginal performance in a graduate course


In general, we award A grades to acknowledge achievements that go beyond specified requirements and criteria. A's are reserved for special efforts that exceed expectations, that demonstrate exceptional creativity, boldness, commitment, ingenuity or elegance. For example, students whose projects demonstrate that they are actively perusing the theoretical and experimental literature and attempting to extend their awareness of interface design tools and strategies beyond those presented in class could be considered for A grades.

Incomplete policy

Don't find yourself in a situation in which you need an incomplete! Multimedia development is a continuous and systematic effort. Meeting a production deadline is an essential factor in keeping costs under control. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to complete your projects by the end of the course.

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