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We are one of only three charter schools in the San Diego Area. This cutting edge approach to education is just part of who we are. Explore this presentation and give us feedback.
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The Mission and Philosophy

O'Farrell serves about 1400 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. Our mission statement came from a planning retreat of teachers, administrators, parents and community groups that met in August 1989: The school is structured into teaching teams known as Educational Families. Teachers are empowered to provide leadership in school operations, curriculum development and long range planning. There is no tracking. The school practices full inclusion of students identified with Special Education (LH) or English as Second Language (ESL) needs. Our goal is to prepare all students for high school college prep classes. O'Farrell became California's forty-eighth charter school in February, 1994.


The structure of the school has been modified to support its mission. Students are assigned to Educational Families. An Educational Family is composed of 150 students and six teachers. In the school, three families serves sixth grade students and six families serve seventh and eighth grade students. Each Educational Family has a teacher designated as a Family Leader, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the family. Students attend class with teachers in their Educational Family all day except for a 50-minute Discovery class.

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