Cynthia L. Uline


Focus of Research and Scholarly Work

Cynthia L Uline’s research interests include educational leadership, educational facilities planning and design, and school change and improvement. She applies a philosophical lens to this work, beginning with her dissertation on John Dewey’s theory of ethics and social philosophy and the implications for educational administration as moral practice. More specifically, her research explores programs and practices which encourage the institutionalization of active reflection in schools, including: the use of public discourse, the re-thinking of professionalism, architecture, and the intended critical voice or devil’s advocate, all as vehicles of inquiry and reflection. This sort of collective reflection is capable of changing the culture and the character of schools and providing opportunities for school organizations to learn about themselves, on behalf of improved student learning and achievement. One example of such research follows the question of physical space and how it relates to instruction and social interaction. What is the relationship between environment and learning? We have answered these questions in terms of lumens of light cast on a student’s desk, but what about the further character of space and how it invites or discourages, how it is or is not in dialogue with the community, with history, with the enterprise of school itself?

Dr. Uline earned her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in 1995. She comes to San Diego State University as a full professor of Educational Leadership, having served for ten years at the Ohio State University , where she was an associate professor of Educational Administration. Her articles have appeared in Educational Administration Quarterly, Teacher College Record , the Journal of School Leadership, the International Journal of Leadership in Education, the Journal of Educational Administration, Leading and Managing, and the Journal of Research and Development in Education. Her most recent article, "The Walls Speak: The interplay of quality facilities, school climate, and student achievement," co-authored with Megan Tschannen-Moran, is currently in-press with the Journal of Educational Administration.


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