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Each year in May , we will be having our San Diego Peace Corps Association annual meeting. At that time we willrecruit for all committes as well as take nominations for the various board positions. Below is a listing of the positions with a brief description of some of the comittees and responsibilities involved.

As we are a completely volunteer association, we hope that you will consider stepping forward to assist in developing our association. The best way to bring about any desired changes is to get involved!


President back to list
Preside over monthly board meetings. Guide decisions if conflicts arise.

Vice President back to list
Attend monthly board meetings. Fill in for president if unavailable.

Secretary back to list
Take notes at the monthly board meetings. Serving as Secretary is an excellent introduction to the Board and SDPCA. This is a good position for someone who wants to learn more about the organization and be more involved, but may not be sure where to start.

Treasurer / Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
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Attend all monthly board meetings and handle all financial transactions of the Association.

Communications Chair back to list
Chair attends all monthly board meetings. Oversee all association public communications— Facebook, E-vites, Newsletter, and Website. Coordinate communications to create policy for the association’s communications and public relations.

Membership back to list
Maintain membership records: membership counts for meetings, organize contacting expired memberships, prospective new members, etc. Computer and spreadsheet/database skills essential.

Social Chair back to list
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a social committee responsible for organizing association functions such as outings, dinners, happy hours and general social events.

Speakers Bureau back to list
Attend all monthly board meetings and oversees a speakers committee. Coordinate with Peace Corps to fulfill requests for speakers in the community. This position seeks an exciting community outreach specialist. The Chair of the Speakers Bureau is contacted by public groups to arrange RPCV speakers. It’s a great way to network in San Diego and connect RPCVs to fun speaking engagements. You also participate in the basic operations of the SDPCA through board meetings and have voting power. It’s a great resume booster, not too much work, and fun!

Global Awards back to list
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a committee responsible for reviewing, evaluating and awarding the Mark J. Tonner award to PCVs in the field.

Fundraising back to list
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a committee responsible for generating fundraising activities – historically these have been selling Entertainment books and the Wisconsin calendars.

Community Action back to list
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a committee that determines the dates and venues for our group to reach out to the greater San Diego Community by offering volunteer services in a variety of settings.

Newsletter Editor back to list
Attend all monthly board meetings. Coordinate the content for the newsletter (with layout and distribution persons), published six times a year. Solicit articles, draft event write-ups and proof read once layout is complete. Having a computer and Internet access is important to doing this task easily. Currently the layout is done using Adobe InDesign on a Macintosh. Layout proofed in Acrobat .pdf files, so access to PC or Mac is essential.

New Members back to list
Oversee a committee that reaches out to recently returned RPCVs as well as the general SDPCA membership on a neighborhood level. Attend board meetings if interested in doing so.