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Hurricane Katrina Relief

Disclaimer: SDPCA does not necessarily endorse sites
listed here. Rather, links are provided for the convenience
of visitors in finding PC-related information and news.


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Groups Working on Katrina Relief

When considering sending aid through online donations, please be aware of the group to which you are donating. Under the FEMA listing below, there are guidelines about taking such care.

FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
Extensive list of 0rganizations Accepting Donations & Volunteers...

Habitat for Humanity
President Carter works closely with Habitat for Humanity in buildin ghomes nationwide and worldwide. Check them out.

"Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund"
Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. establish a Katrina Fund Website
to accept donations online.

President Bush repsonds to Hurricane Katrina
President Bush response emerges after much is already underway.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Wise Giving Allliance
A list of Katrina Relief Organizations: as withother lists, they advise to "investigate before you give and give wisely.

Catholic Charities
Check out to see what Catholic Charities is doing

Salvation Army
Homepage for Katrina relief...

Red Cross

Direct Relief International

SD Union Tribune Sends money to Hurricane Katrina Relief

Network for good



Democratic National Party: How You Can Help the Relief Effort

Governor Blanco's Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation

For Pets affected by Hurricane Katrina.
Here are a few organizations that you might want to consider:
ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association):   http://www.acfacats.com......call Revival Animal Health at 800-786-4751 to donate through the ACFA.
CFA (Cat Fanciers Association):  http://www.cfa.org
....• AKC CAR Canine Support & Relief Fund:   http://www.akc.org
....• Humane Society: http://www.hsus.org

....• Pet finder: http://www.Katrina.petfinder.com

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NPCA Hurricane Katrina Response

In the past week many of you have been very busy responding to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, either as individuals or in concert with other members of our Peace Corps community.

To support the efforts of our community, NPCA has created a page on our Web site dedicated to sharing information about our community's response to Hurricane Katrina.  We hope that our Web site can serve as a central point for sharing information specific to the Peace Corps community.Please let your members know that the resources you can find on our Web site are:

  • Information on how to apply to Peace Corps' Crisis Corps.  Thanks to the email alert sent out by NPCA early last week, Peace Corps was inundated with hundreds of applicants and was able to put returned volunteers (including Kate Blackwell, an RPCV and intern with NPCA) in the field a day after the cooperative agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency was signed.
  • A bulletin board to post messages and share information about the hurricane.  Because of our bulletin board, the daughter of an RPCV was able to connect her mother with an RPCV friend.
  • Information on how to offer housing to Peace Corps community evacuees through NPCA's Hospitality Network.  Now you can sign up online to host a fellow RPCV.

Our main hurricane response page is linked from our home page at http://www.rpcv.org or can be found by going directly to http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1242.

We will be continually updating this page as more information becomes available, so be sure to visit it often. Thank you for all you are doing on behalf of those affected by this tragedy. With very best wishes,

Kevin F. F. Quigley


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From: Washington State Peace Corps Association,
Brian Gay and Karima Homman-Ludiye, Presidents
A Proposal to RPCV Group Leaders, Nation-Wide

We are an organization made up of compassionate and bold members. Now is a time for compassion and initiative for the survivors of the disasters in the Gulf State region. Many of us also have an understanding of the plight of refugees, which has been what coastal residents have become.

Because the disaster will have far-reaching and long-lasting effects, we would like to recommend a unified effort by all RPCV groups to support those charities with a direct effect on gulf-state relief. Direct your fund-raising at a particular purpose, charity or region, but think about the long-term.

By November, this disaster will pass out of the minds of most Americans not directly affected, but it will leave a lasting scar through the next year or two, at least. We might think about housing, clothing or children and we should certainly think strategically about what will put people back on their feet as soon as possible. (eg. business, infrastructure, emergency aid agencies.)

Most charities are requesting financial donations rather than goods or clothing. This enables them to use the funds within the communities that are most affected.

According to the Biloxi, Mississippi, Sun*Herald and Knight-Ridder Newspapers, this list (below) is of the charities most directly available to the people of the Southern Mississippi area. It probably also applies to Southern Alabama and Louisiana, as well.

Please let us know what you think. Our regional and local groups are receiving this proposal today and over the next week, as well. * _As Steve Smith of Cincinnati wrote of getting involved with local Red Cross efforts, this is a great oppotunity for us to use our experience and expertise here in the US._*

Thank you, Brian and Karima

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Current News on Hurricane Katrina