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March - April 2010 — Volume 23, Number 2

P O Box 26565, San Diego, CA 92196-0565

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Mar-Apr International Peace Days Special Sale of
2010 Calendars !
from SDPCA: Join in-Volunteer for Board and Committees
from NPCA: Advocacy

PAX Seeking a SD Cluster Leader

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......Calling for VOLUNTEERS!
Recipe: Kale & Red Bean Gumbo
Holiday Potluck - Report and Photos!
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International Peace Days: March and April 2010
Great site for Peace-full things:  Check it out! Books, quotes, links, ideas, heroes, clubs, resources.

Energy Day -
Woman's Day -
Earth Day -
End Racism Day -
Water Say -

Tell the Truth Day -
Reconcilliation Day -
World Health Day -
Hope Day -
Creativity Day -
Earth Day -

March 1
March 8
March 20
March 21
March 22

April 2
April 2
April 7
April 7
April 21
April 22

March 8 -- Women's Day
Even though they make up half the population, women and girls have endured discrimination in most societies for thousands of years. In the past, women were treated as property of their husbands or fathers - they couldn't own land, they couldn't vote or go to school, and were subject to beatings and abuse and could do nothing about it. Over the last hundred years, much progress has been made to gain equal rights for women around the world, but many still live without the rights to which all people are entitled.

The United Nations Charter was a major milestone for women's rights because it was the first international agreement to affirm the equality between men and women. Since then, the UN has been an important advocate for the rights of women. The UN adopted an international bill of rights for women in 1979 and sponsored four global women's conferences. The Millennium Development Goals, which all nations agreed to at the UN in 2000, sets tangible goals for nations to achieve by 2015, several of which deal directly with empowering women.

International Women's Day on March 8 and Women's Equality Day, on August 26 (commemorating the certification of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote), are important annual rallying points to help eliminate discrimination and build support for the rights of women everywhere.

The test for whether or not you can hold a job should not be the arrangement of your chromosomes. --Bella Anzug (left)

"The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race." --Susan B. Anthony

April 22 -- Earth Day
The environmental movement is one of the most successful social change movements. Popularizing Earth Day celebrations can be credited with bringing the movement to the mainstream. Through grassroots efforts, festivals, fairs, assemblies and concerts have helped popularize concern for our environment in the public's mind. Since so many people participate in Earth Day activities, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to get people to tap-into the better world movement, so that they can find the inspiration and encouragement to continue activities for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world all year long.

When is Earth Day? Actually, there are 3 Earth Days - 3 dates that are dedicated to helping raise awareness about the health and well being of the land, skies and water of our planet Earth. The original Earth Day is celebrated on the Spring Equinox each year (In 2006 it falls on March 20). April 22 is the date that most people know as Earth Day. Both of these Earth Days were first celebrated in 1970.

In 1972, the United Nations designated June 5 as World Environment Day to commemorate the opening of the Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm that year, which ultimately led to the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the main UN body devoted to protecting our environment.

There are many different ecological issues to raise awareness about, on Earth Day and all year long - global climate change, protecting wildlife habitat, preventing pollution and cleaning up polluted air, water and land, conserving our natural resources, and many other issues … What's your ecological passion?

"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children."
-- John James Audubon

The most alarming of all man's assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials.
-- Rachel Carson

Quotes, Pictures and Descriptions from http://www.betterworldcalendar.com

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SALE ! 2010 Calendars!

We still have some - now priced at just $5 each (plus $2 postage)

Note: I can usually arrange delivery at a mutually agreed upon San Diego location.

Contact Carl Sepponen, SDPCA Fundraising
at fundraising05@sdpca.org

2010 International Calendars

20q0 Calendar



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from SDPCA:

Join in! Volunteer for Board and committes

Each year at the SDPCA Annual Meeting in May, board and committee chair positions are up for renewal. Below is a list of the various positions. Members can be self-nominated or nominated by other SDPCA members. All positions hold a one-year term.

If you are interested in any of the positions, contact any Board Member for more information. As we are a completely volunteer association, we hope that you will consider stepping forward to assist in developing our association. The best way to bring about any desired changes is to get involved!

Board and Leadership Positions

Preside over monthly board meetings. Guide decisions if conflicts arise.
Vice President:
Attend monthly board meetings. Fill in for president if unavailable.
Take notes at the monthly board meetings. Serving as Secretary is an excellent introduction to the Board and SDPCA. This is a good position for someone who wants to learn more about the organization and be more involved, but may not be sure where to start.
Treasurer / Chief Finance Officer (CFO):
Attend all monthly board meetings and handle all financial transactions of the Association.
Communications Chair:
Chair attends all monthly board meetings. Oversee all association public communications — Newsletter, Website and E-vites. Coordinate communications to create policy for the association’s communications and public relations.
Social Chair:
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a social committee responsible for organizing association functions such as outings, dinners, happy hours and general social events.
Speakers Bureau:
Attend all monthly board meetings and oversees a speakers committee. Coordinate with Peace Corps to fulfill requests for speakers in the community. This position seeks an exciting community outreach specialist. The Chair of the Speakers Bureau is contacted by public groups to arrange RPCV speakers. It’s a great way to network in San Diego and connect RPCVs to fun speaking engagements. You also participate in the basic operations of the SDPCA through board meetings and have voting power. It’s a great resume booster, not too much work, and fun!
Global Awards:
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a committee responsible for reviewing, evaluating and awarding the Mark J. Tonner award to PCVs in the field.
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a committee responsible for generating fundraising activities – historically these have been selling Entertainment books and the Wisconsin calendars.
Community Action:
Attend all monthly board meetings. Oversee a committee that determines the dates and venues for our group to reach out to the greater San Diego Community by offering volunteer services in a variety of settings.
Newsletter Editor:
Attend all monthly board meetings. Coordinate the content for the newsletter (with layout and distribution persons), published six times a year. Solicit articles, draft event write-ups and proof read once layout is complete. Having a computer and Internet access is important to doing this task easily. Currently the layout is done using Adobe InDesign on a Macintosh. Layout proofed in Acrobat .pdf files, so access to PC or Mac is essential.
Oversee a committee that reaches out to recently returned RPCVs as well as the general SDPCA membership on a neighborhood level. Attend board meetings if interested in doing so.

Speakers Needed!

Hey SDPCA members! Speak to students at Peace Corps Information Meetings, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, schools and groups throughout San Diego County, and more. 

If you have any connections with local school organizations that would like RPCVs to share their stories...  

Contact me! speakers05@sdpca.org

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NPCA Advocacy Activities

RPCV Congressman Farr Praises President’s Peace Corps Funding Request

California Congressman Sam Farr (Colombia 63-65), who led the charge to go above the President’s Peace Corps funding request last year, says he is pleased with the President’s Fiscal Year 2011 Peace Corps request of $446 million.  For more details on the President’s Peace Corps request, visit NPCA blog at: http://peacecorpsconnect.typepad.com/ 

2010 Advocacy Priorities Include PC 3rd Goal and Universal Education

Funding and support for the Peace Corps is part of a broader and more comprehensive 2010 advocacy priority to advocate for expanded global volunteerism.  NPCA continues to be an active participant in the Building Bridges Coalition and will continue to work with the growing Service World movement to build momentum and support for sending more volunteers abroad.

As members of our community know, bringing the world back home and continuing a commitment to service is the third goal of Peace Corps service.  Yet, it is often the forgotten component of the Peace Corps experience.  Advocacy to promote this important aspect of service will be a 2010 advocacy priority.

Finally, a key global issue that will be emphasized in 2010 is the need for universal basic education.  Part of the Millennium Development Goals, we plan to provide regular updates and action opportunities to help you be an effective advocate for education for all.

Our 2010 advocacy priorities will be regularly featured in our monthly updates. Check on NPCA Advocacy at:


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PAX Seeking a San Diego Cluster Leader

The Program of Academic Exchange (PAX), a non-profit grass-root educational foundation, that promotes international peace, friendship and understanding through the cross-cultural exchange and education of world citizens. The program brings high school students from all over the world to come to the United States for an academic year, live with an American host family, study in a public high school and learn the true values of the democratic society.

PAX is currently seeking to hire a qualified Cluster Leader in the San Diego area who could promote our program locally and work on the US Department of State scholarship program Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES). YES is a public diplomacy initiative, authorized by US Congress in the aftermath of September 11, to build bridges of international understanding between the US and people in countries with significant Muslim populations.

YES is sponsored by ECA (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs) to provide scholarships for high school students to spend one academic year in the U.S. The students live with host families, attend public schools, engage in activities to learn about American society and values, acquire leadership skills through volunteering and community service, and help educate Americans about their countries and cultures. Upon their return the students apply their leadership skills at home. 

Currently, these are the countries we work with on the YES program: Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, Ghana, Thailand, Brunei, and Kenya. This year we are adding students from the Balkan States (Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia) and Afghanistan.

To learn more about PAX and the YES program I invite to go to http://www.pax.org and http://www.yesprograms.org.

The Cluster Leader (CL) of the YES program is the key person for us in the local US community. She/he promotes the program locally and is the main contact for students, host families and high schools. The Department of State requires each cluster to have at least 3 students per year to participate in activities as a group and have its own support system. This position is very flexible. Although PAX is a non-for-profit foundation, we do provide a small compensation for placing and supervising the students per grant regulation. There is also a great travel incentive - each CL is invited to attend PAX annual national meeting held at a resort location, all expenses paid. There is also a training seminar in Washington DC each April where new CLs are invited to learn more about the program, meet our overseas partners as well as U.S. officials who administer the programs in Congress and the Department of State.

Many of PAX’s Cluster Leaders former Peace Corps volunteers. If you are interesting in serving as a Cluster Leader, email Annette Metzger, Regional Director, at annettem@pax.org, or 1-800-555-6211 x 327.

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Join Us at Community Service Events

If you have any ideas or input for Community Action events, please contact Jennifer Arrowsmith at community05@sdpca.org.

Suggestions are always welcome and helpful!
---Jennifer Arrowsmith, Western Samoa 1998-2000

January Community Action Update

At the SDPCA Annual Holiday Potluck and Party, we collected donations for two nonprofit organizations that provide vital services to two different target populations: refugees and homeless pets.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our members, we collected an overwhelming supply of gifts for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and San Diego Humane Society.

(You can learn more about these organizations in SDPCA’s January-February newsletter or by visiting their respective websites at:

IRC: http://www.theirc.org/us-program/us-san-diego-ca
SD Humane Society: http://www.sdhumane.org

We collected a whole range of donated items for the IRC including: notebooks, pens, and other school supplies; pots and pans; dishwashing detergent; tissues; and bath soap. The San Diego Humane Society received food, toys, and lots of old blankets and towels to keep the animals warm and cozy this winter season until they find a forever home of their own.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated items – rest assured, they will be put to good use by both beneficiary organizations!

February Community Action Update

Each month Feeding America San Diego relies on volunteers to clean, sort, bag and box more than 1,000,000 pounds of food donations that are used to feed San Diego County’s families in need. In February, 11 members and friends of SDPCA volunteered at this organization and assisted with two projects.

Half of our group was assigned the task of bagging fruits and vegetables for Feeding America’s Farm2Kids program. This important after-school program delivers fresh produce directly to children throughout San Diego County, which they take home to their families for the creation of healthy and nutritious meals. The second half of the SDPCA team worked on sorting food items in the ‘market place.’ Dented cans and torn cereal boxes and other perfectly safe nutritional food items are reclaimed for use by hungry families in our community. Rather than going to a landfill these items are received, sorted, cleaned and safety checked by volunteers and then redistributed to those in need.

For more information about Feeding America please visit http://www.feedingamericasd.org

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Calling for Volunteers

APRIL 18 - EarthFair San Diego in Balboa Park,
• Volunteers needed in 2-hour shifts from 9:00am
Contact Marjory Clyne at 858.576.9909 or
email her at MarjoryClyne@att.net

JUNE 6 - Rock N’ Roll Marathon  Water Station         
• Volunteers are needed to help hydrate runners
   as they rock n’ run 26.2 miles.

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from the
Williams Sonoma Vegetarian Cookbook

Kale and Red Bean Gumbo

  • Kale Leaves, 6 cups chopped
  • Green Bell Pepper, 1 seeded and chopped
  • Green (spring) onions, 1 large, white and pale green parts only, chopped
  • Canned tomatoes in puree, 1 cup
  • Vegetable broth, 4 cups
  • Bay leaves, 2
  • Dried oregano, 1 teaspoon
  • Dried thyme, 1 teaspoon
  • Red beans, 1 can (15 oz), drained and rinsed
  • Fresh okra, 8 pods, cut into ½-inch pieces or 1 cup frozen okra
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
  • Hot pepper sauce (optional)
  • Steamed white rice, for serving

Cook the vegetables- Combine the kale, bell peppers, green onions, tomatoes, and broth in a heavy-bottomed saucepan or Dutch oven.

Add the bay leaves, oregano, and thyme. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until the kale is tender, about 30 minutes.

Finish the gumbo- Add the beans and okra to the vegetables. Cover and cook until the okra is just tender, abou 15 minutes for fresh, 5 minutes frozen. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and hot pepper sauce, if using. Divide the rice among deep bowls and ladle the gumbo atop.

Cook’s tip- Authentic gumbo uses okra as a thickener. Instead of okra, you can substitute 2 tablespoons long-grain rice. Add it to the pot when you cook the vegetables.

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January 9 - at SD Humane Center

Annual Winter Potluck: Report and Photos

The Annual SDPCA Winter Potluck was held on Saturday, January 9th at the San Diego Humane Society. In a departure from past years, the event was held in January rather than December. The Board was hoping to avoid scheduling and travel conflicts that often occur in December with the busy holiday season. With 55 people in attendance, it certainly was a success! Several SDPCA members at the event commented that they were very happy with the January date.

The early comers began arriving at 5:30 pm to view the animals in the adoption gallery. Members arrived with bags of donations for the San Diego Humane Society and the International Rescue Committee (See Community Action update on page 5 for a full report on items collected). Peace Corps calendars, Entertainment Books, and used books were on sale to raise funds for the ISF Awards.

After some brief introductions and updates by the current Board Members, the potluck began. Thanks to all for the delicious dishes that were brought for the potluck! After dinner, it was time for the raffle. Members bought raffle tickets for $2 each or $20 for an arm’s length. White elephant gifts were raffled off, and much to the surprise of the raffle winners, gifts included a lamp shaped like a woman’s leg, a Halloween carving tool set, a backpack, a canister of popcorn, and a colorful purse. The four “grand” prizes were then raffled off: a large basket of organic fruit from Carl Seponnen’s backyard; a Valentine’s Day gift pack; a Super Bowl gift pack; and an Australian mask generously donated by Jerry.

A total of $185 was brought in from calendar sales; $51 in books; $11 from avocadoes (also from Carl’s backyard); $204 from raffle sales; and $440 in membership dues. A special thanks to all the non-board members (Tracy, Jill, and Marjory, especially) who pitched in with setting up, cleaning up, and making sure that everything was running smoothly. See you next year!

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The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.
–Richard Bach

from the President
Join Us!

March is here and Spring soon approaching. Our social secretary has already scheduled out social hours thru May, check out our calendar.

Hope to see some of you there. The board is such a great group of people I would really like for you to come and meet them. We would love to hear where you were, where you are now. Still working on ideas on the Big 50 PC Anniversary in 2011 and would really like to include you. I accidently met a RPCV in my own neighborhood at a garage sale. It was great meeting him and listening to his adventures, it was like I found an old lost relative.

Maybe I am prejudiced but RPCV’s are some of the most interesting people I know and I sure would like to find some more. Come join us at our social hours, I promise not to put you to work. Again, my phone number for anyone who wants to join or call. (619) 741-6300
–Eva Rodriguez, Ecuador (2006-09)

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I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint - and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.
–Oprah Winfrey (1954 - ), O Magazine, September 2002

Board Minutes

January 13, 2010

Members Present: Jennifer Arrowsmith, Lisa Eckl, Mae Hsu, Lennox Miller, Gregg Pancoast, Kristen Slanina
Members Absent: Katie Clark, Eva Rodriguez, Carl Sepponen

Finance Report: Gregg will renew SDPCA membership with NPCA

Social: Jerry is interested in hosting another Tijuana trip this year.

Membership: 56 current members (4 new, 1 free member); 74 are 12 months past due ( 36 from January 1st). $440 in dues collected from Holiday Party.

ISF Awards: Niger funds transfer is on hold as PCV may have been evacuated. 3 current applications: Swaziland, Niger, and Botswana.

Speakers Bureau: Lisa will speak at SDSU at the end of January

New Business: Discussion about May Annual Meeting.

February 9, 2010

Members Present: Jennifer Arrowsmith, Lisa Eckl, Lennox Miller, Gregg Pancoast, Carl Sepponen, Laura Vento Guest: Celeste Coleman
Members Absent: Katie Clark, Mae Hsu, Eva Rodriguez, Kris Slalina

Finance Report: Treasurer presented financials for period April 2009-January 2010; both calendar and entertainment book fundraising efforts contributed positively to ISF. Fund balances are as follows at 01/31/10: ISF $5,900; CASS $2,000; Unrestricted $4,922. Will proceed with 2010 NPCA member group renewal.

Community Action: February community action event at Feeding America went really well. 11 people came. Upcoming activities include Earth Day Fair in April and RNR marathon in June. Global awareness award nominations will be accepted thru April 1. If we don’t receive any nominations, no award will be given this year. If we do present this award, board will discuss possibility of providing a small donation ($100 or less) in lieu of fancy plaque. Board voted to eliminate Local Project Mini-Grants as we have never gotten a funding request for this program and it doesn’t fit within SDPCA’s core mission.

Fundraising: Still have 60 of the 200 originally ordered calendars remaining. We will try to sell the remainder at $5 since they are getting outdated. We will probably do the Entertainment Books again because they don’t take a lot of effort, even though each year the money collected has decreased. At the next Holiday Party we should have a silent auction because we “earn” more than the raffle. We probably will not have the book sale because it did not bring in much money. I overheard two comments about the party: 1) we should have had coffee available, and 2) the table flowers were nice and pretty.

Membership: 60 current members; 1 new; 5 free; 70 past due.

New Business: Annual Meeting will be on May 15th from 11:30 AM to 2 PM at Kate Sessions Park between Pacific Beach and La Jolla (Sessions Way, San Diego, CA 92109). Lisa and Laura volunteered to get there early to stake out a place.

Amber Leung is new PC recruiter in LA/SD area. (See her article below.)

- Mae Hsu, SDPCA Secretary, Tonga (2001-03)

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We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress. -- Will Rogers

Social Edge: Social Entrepreneurship

Social Edge is an online community for philanthropists, nonprofit professionals, and the business community to network, learns, debate, inspire, and share expertise and resources. The site is an open platform for discussion and debate, owned and shaped by partners and participants.

For a sample of the types of topics discussed on the website, here is a list of the Social Entrepreneurship Top 10 for 2009, the ten discussions that provoked the most passionate comments.

  1. Are the Only Innovations in Social Entrepreneurship Anglo-Saxon? In the most provocative conversation ever on Social Edge…is it true that the UK and the US truly lead in innovation in social entrepreneurship?
  2. Partnering with Business Is it like dancing with the devil? Is it exploitation or cooperation?
  3. The Charismatic Entrepreneur As social ventures mature, founders may stifle innovation and endanger the enterprise’s future. Is charisma a blessing or a curse?
  4. Do we Really Need More Money? Ask any entrepreneur, and the answer is always an emphatic “yes.”
  5. Is a “Social Economy” Really Possible? Where can the big success stories, the social sector equivalents of Google or Facebook, be found – if at all?
  6. A New Role for Government? Should governments actively encourage social entrepreneurship?
  7. Who will build a more efficient marketplace? Who will be stepping up to make the sector more efficient?
  8. Alternative Economic Structures How can the moral insights of the world’s religions can be assimilated into the global economic system?
  9. Religion and Technology Divide What meaningful and impactful work might come out of a dialogue between spiritual leaders and technologists?
  10. Competition or Collaboration? Is it really possible for social ventures to collaborate?


Job Listings at Peace Corps Worldwide

Peace Corps Worldwide (http://peacecorpsworldwide.org) is now accepting job postings from organizations looking for RPCVs or Returned Staff -- for both domestic and international work.
If your organization recruits RPCVs, you can post jobs for free, including full-time, part-time, volunteer positions or internships.

 Current employers registered with us include Save the Children, HealthNet TPO from the Netherlands, CDM, Abt Associates, Transparency International and others.

If you are an RPCV or Returned Staff looking for a job, you can visit the site and search current postings, or register with us and create a profile so employers can find you.   Also, registered RPCVs and Staff can search the employer profiles to find organizations who match your interests even before jobs are posted.

• View current jobs at: http://www.cambridgedata.com/search_jobs.htm

• Post, Search, Register Jobs at:

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Recruiter’s Corner

Greetings from the Los Angeles Regional Office! I am the new Regional Recruiter for the San Diego area, and as an ’04 UCSD alum, am happy to be back in the area. It’s also wonderful to work in an area with such an active RPCV group, and look forward to collaborating in the near future.

Extending twice, I lived and worked in the north of Namibia (Southern Africa) for over three and a half years, returning last August. My primary assignment was serving as a health extension volunteer with a local Faith Based Organization (FBO), but over the years my involvement in secondary projects grew, and in the end they became my primary assignments. These included a basket making project, a community garden and agricultural training center, and several youth camps.

With the FBO, we established a bicycle workshop small business with one of the Home Based Family Care Volunteer groups, started a community library, after school program, and trained peer educators. Among other things, we improved the way data was captured for Monitoring and Reporting, which as you can imagine in a rural area, was quite challenging at times.

I lived on a Catholic Mission in a rural town, and remain close to many friends and family there; saying goodbye to what had become my home was incredibly challenging.

I look forward to hearing about your experience and learning more about the country in which you served. Please contact me with any ideas you have for collaboration.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your involvement in SDPCA.

–Amber Lung, PC LA Regional Recruiter
Contact me at: alung@peacecorps.gov or 310-356-1102

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New Members

SDPCA extends a warm welcome to our newest members, as of February 2010. Let us hear from you! We’re glad we were able to support your work in service. Welcome back!

• Alan Hersh, Venezuela, 1971
• Michael Hirsh, PCV Bolivia,1970-71; Director PC/Peru 2005-09
• Kristina Hare, Ethiopia, 2007-09
• Frank Massa, Venezuela, 1967-69
• Celeste Coleman, Ukraine, 2005-07
• Esther Boynton, Malawi, 1967-1969

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Newsletter Credits

Pacific Waves is published six times a year by the San Diego Peace Corps Association which is fully responsible for its content. Except for copyrighted material, articles may be reprinted without permission with credit to the SDPCA.

Contributions (articles, letters, photos, etc.) welcomed! Easiest if already a text or Word file on disk, Mac or PC -- BUT typed copy is fine too. Photos: 300-600 dpi best, Mac or PC formats welcomed.

Please send to NewsEditor, SDPCA, P.O.Box 26565, San Diego, CA 92196 or email to:

Mae Hsu

Web Layout / Production
Don Beck

Contributors this issue are:
Jennifer Arrowsmith, Carl Sepponen, Marjory Clyne, Amber Lung, Mae Hsu, Katie Clark, Don Beck


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