Group 33


in Bolivia

  • El Alto Airport, August 23, 1968. Group #33 arrives in La Paz after a Braniff flight from Miami via Panama and Lima
  • (l to r) Donna Grove, Anita Abascal, partially hidden unknown male, Bill McNight, Judy Costlow, Barbara Belden, Jeff Sieffert (partially hidden behind Barbara), Pat Reynolds Smatla, Judy Miller Seiffert (hidden behind Pat), Juan Maidana (Aymara instructor), Art Levin, Larry James, Donald Ortiz, Peter Kalnay, Jerry Goodman, Maggie Love Goodman, Vicente Quispe (Ayamara instructor), Craig Sullivan, Frank McAlpin (rear behind Craig), David Dolson, Edie Denious McAlpin (hidden behind Dave), Eugenio Poma (Aymara Instructor), Harvey Buchalter, Georgia Gustafson, Ward Nicholson, Carol Romey, and John Gillespie.
  • Perhaps someone else from my group can identify the unknown male. I think he might be an RPCV who was involved in our training program--I can't recall his name despues de 40 años.
  • photo from Barba Field Belden, Grp 36; IDs by David Dolson