Peace Corps 7th Annual Report

Now the four pictures with the Peace Corps 7th Annual Report to Congress...
Captions come from Barbara Field Belden.

"The first is of us-- Dr Keck and myself -- holding the Report.


The sheep shot was taken in Patacamaya, I think. We (Group 33) had all taken turns posing and trying not to cut the poor animal.

For some reason my photo was picked and put in the report. It was also in my local newspaper... so I must have fifty copies, a slow news day in Topeka, Kansas.


I think it is funny because in the entire report, there are only two pictures that are full page pictures and they were both from Bolivia and happen to be Dr. Keck's and mine.


The last shot is both of us looking at the page with Dr. Keck's picture of him examining a Bolivian woman.