Row 1

(right) Stanley Hotel at Estes Park, CO.
"...known for its aerchitecture, magnificent setting and famous visitors, may possibly be best known today for its inspirational role in Stephen King's novel, "The Shining." The hotel has been featured as one of America's most haunted hotels and with the numerous stories from visitors and staff, The Stanley Hotel continues to "shine" today, as it did in 1909 when it first opened." (from Stanley Hotel website)

(below) Saturday August 18, 2007. Tour to Stanley Hotel on the steps at the front of the hotel. Closeup of group below.


Closeup of group on tour of the Stanley Hotel and Museum. Many of the people on the tour were from
Group 36.

(back row, l to r) Jeff Flagg, Ken Rustad, Don Morely, Terry Linkletter, Craig Sullivan, Bob Penski, Pete Gendebein, Dave Dolson, Carl Sepponen.
(middle row, l to r) Paul Hansen, Alan Rom, Pat Edwins, Sharen Gendebein, Dora Sepponen.
(front row, l to r) Gerry Bendix, Paul Beckerman
, Marjorie Verploegen, Azucena Beckerman, Teresa Morales, Miriam Dolson, Luisa Rojas, Ed Stoll.


(below) Same group as above, different photographer... Some different "poses."


(below) Saturday morning. Ed Stoll organized a group to visit the Stanley Museum located at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Here, Ed is standing in front of a 1909 Model R Stanley Roadster.