Row 2

(below) Off to some tennis.

(l to r) John Smith, Gino Baumann, Marty Zone, Ernie Grieshaber, Jeff Fletcher. The hippie in Gino finally shows through! Jules was here too (taking the picture) Word is that Gino still plays a mean game of tennis at the age of 82. Jules observed that Gino's having his own courts at home in Costa Rica may help keep his game fit.

(below) Julia Moore and Peggy Steen in Alpen Lobby.


(below) Brenda and Ernie Grieshaber finally relaxing in Alpen Lodge Lounge. They had just flown in from London and were doing well with jet lag. Ernie still has his disarming smile.


(below) Peggy Steen and Brenda Grieshaber at Alpen Lodge lounge.