Row 3

[Photos this row from Dwight Steen]

We met Saturday afternoon as a group. Jules shared a slide show about his and Karen's experience in Peace Crops in Potosi. Some of us saw film clips from Marty Zone -- Marty had shared with us a 12 minute DVD from some 8mm he had taken in training at Camp Armac & in Bolivia (available online here in several parts, under Videos, for those who would like it).

John Smith had had an idea about assambling quotes from various of us. He passed two pages of quotes he had assembled of his remembrances from training and service. We spent a goodly time in our first room and later on as well identifying who had said what quote. And of course we got side-tracked into some most enjoyable discussions. Thanks John, for the idea and putting it together. (Wish my memory was as good as his!)

Discussing our group "quotes."
(l to r)
Ernie Grieshaber, Bob Pruitt and Don Beck.

John behind table, reviewing quotes.
(l to r)
Ernie Grieshaber, Bob Pruitt (behind), Don Beck, Dave White (front), Marty Zone, Tom Finan, John Smith (behind table), Peggy Steen (red coat), Doug Langan, and Julia Moore.


Continuing on with quotes.
A moment of laughter--most quotes were hilarious, especially morning revile of someone in the men's dorm.
(l to r)
Doug Langan, Julia Moore (front), Peggy Steen (back), Tom Gale, Marty Zone, Dave White, Jules Beck, Jeff Fletcher, Tom Finan, Ernie Grieshaber.


And on...
(l to r) Doug Langan, Peggy Steen, Tom Finan, Marty Zone, Dave White, Tom Gale, Jules Beck, Ernie Grieshaber, Jennifer Gale (behind Ernie), Bob Pruitt, Don Beck.