Row 4

In our first gathering on Saturday, we ran out of time as another group came in to use the room. We got another room on Sunday to meet in -- the Oklahoma Room -- this time having made a "refreshments run" first.
(l to r) John Smith and Dwight Steen.


(Below, l to r) Bob Pruitt, Jeff Fletcher, Jennifer Gale, Doug Langan, and Anne Langan.


(Below) On Sunday morning, as many did, Jeff, Marty and Don took a drive into Estes National Park, up to the Summit at 12,090 feet. Much sun and a few clouds. Brisk at that altitude. The moutain panorama was a bit like being on the altiplano again. Martin was on crutches as he had had orthoscopic surgery on his knee a week or so before.

(l to r) Don Beck, Marty Zone. (Jeff Fletcher photographer)


(l to r) Jeff Fletcher, Marty Zone. (Don Beck photographer. )