Estes Reunion Group Pictures

(The largest of these photos is 900 pixels wide. You may have to widen your window more than normal to see the picture in its entirety. )

Everybody (RPCVs and Staff) lined up for the full group photo. The count of people in the picture is about 58, which means some 24 are not pictured here, having already left or being elsewhere in Estes when the shot was taken Sunday night. Thanks go to Lee Arbuckle for helping put names to faces!
[First photo from Bill Keck, second from Bill Bedke]

(ROW 4--in back, standing on chairs)
Dale Key, Pete Gendebein, Richard Engan, Mike Hirsh, Roberta Nestaas, Mike Fox, Diane Hibino, Dwight Steen, Tom Finan, Luis Stelzner.

(ROW 3--next, standing)
Fred Caploe, Jerry Perkins, Kirk Harder, Dave Block, Larry Crowley, Bill Buzenberg, Peter Hansen, Larry Fugman, Ken Rustad, Lee Arbuckle, Don Morely, Stacy Rhodes, Bill Keck, Mike Kaiser, Dennis Holt, MIchael Schieche, John Smith, Wally Higgins, Paul Fisher.

(ROW 2--next, seated on chairs)
Skip Baker, Ernie Grieshaber, Jeff Fletcher, Craig Sullivan, Georgia Gustafson, Edie McAlpin, Barb Belden, Judy Costlow, Don Beck, Gino Baumann, Marjorie Verploegen, Peggy Steen, Maggie Arbuckle, Luisa Rojas, Pat Edwins, Jim Tuschen.

(ROW 1--front, seated on floor)
Bob Penski, Dave Dolson, Gerry Bendix, Ginny Atherton, Bill Baedke, Ed Stoll, Alan Rom, Paul Beckerman, Pete Kalnay, Teresa Morales, Jeffery Flagg, Miriam Dolson.

BELOW: Three Photos
The three photos below show Peace Corps Staff at the reunion who were at the group photo.
• The first one seems less formal.
• The second more sombre, though both seem to show that all had a good time.
• The third confirms you can never get everyone to smile at once--if we could only combine the best of each!
Now you can just imagine how they were on the job....

(BACK--l to r)
Jerry Perkins, Fred Caploe, Pete Gendebien, Luis Stelzner, Bill Keck, Lee Arbuckle.

(FRONT--l to r)
Maggie Arbuckle, Luisa Rojas, Teresa Morales, Gino Baumann, Miriam Dolson, Diane Hibino.


(below) from Bill Keck.

BELOW: One Photo
PC Spouses/Guests
The photo below show Spouses/Guests at the reunion who came forward for the group photo.
There were concerns they might feel "left out" but feedback said they were well included, adding greatly to the overall ambience as well as learning more about PC exploits they had heard about as well as new ones.

(back row, l to r)
Maggie Arbuckle, Tomoe Kalnay, Sheryl Engan, John Field, Ove Madsen, Maribe Caploe, John Triplett, Miriam Kaiser, Jennifer Gale, Susan Harder.

(front row, l to r)
Thormon Ellison, Dianne Baedke, Adith Keck, Sharen Gendebien, Terry Perkins, Azucena Beckerman, Peggy Robinson, Paula Fugman, Mary Ann Fox, Pat Stelzner.