Module 01: The Field of Educational Technology



One of the harder things for a person entering the field of Educational Technology is to try to explain exactly what the field is, who becomes an Educational Technologists, and where their career may be headed.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that this is a new field, and what we know about the careers and types of people employing the skills and knowledge from the field are continually changing. We often have alumni come back a few years after graduating and asking "Why didn't you teach us this stuff when we were in the program?" Often, it's because the "stuff" whether it is the hard technologies or the psychology embedded in the soft technologies, didn't exist when they were in the program.

The purpose of this first module is to provide some basic information as to where educational technologists come from, where they work, the sorts of jobs they do, and what they create. We'll also ask you to work with a team to expound your team's understanding as to the jobs of educational technologists, and to mount your position paper on our web server.


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