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Welcome to EDTEC 590 - Spring 2011

Evaluation is an integral part of the instructional design process; it's also at the heart of performance technology. But did you know that it is a discipline in and of itself? In EDTEC 590, we'll explore the art and science of program and product evaluation. You'll serve as a performance technologist who assists a community-based client with a pressing evaluation need. Working collaboratively, you and the client will conceptualize an evaluaton study, design tools for collecting key data, analyze that data, and produce an interpretive report. You'll also have an opportunity to meet evaluators in the field (both internal and external), research hot topics about which evaluators debate (often quite fervently), and work with high-end technologies that are rapidly affecting how evaluation unfolds and whom it involves.


Please direct all course-related questions prior to the start of classes to Dr. Marshall.

Dr. Jim Marshall |

Dr. Marcie Bober-Michel |

students will meet Tuesdays from 7:00-9:30 PM in North Education.  Access to Moodle will be provided at the first meeting, Tuesday, January 25.

Online (Distance) Students:


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