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Welcome to EDTEC 685

EDTEC 685, "Seminar in Instructional & Performance Technologies for Organizations," introduces educators, instructional designers, instructional technologists, learning managers, training and development professionals, and HR people to Performance Technology (PT) for individuals, small groups and large organizations. This course focuses on deepening skills in analysis, identifying and introducing non-training interventions, improving relationships with solution partners, vendors and clients, and designing and 'selling' systems to achieve strategic results. The course takes a look at what an organization might wrap around an individual and design into the system, (including training and non-training interventions) to improve performance.

Course Schedule

On Campus: Wednesdays at 4pm, first class meeting 8/28/13
Online: Thursdays at 5pm Pacific Time, first class meeting 8/29/13.


Rebecca V. Frazee |


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