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Do you want to Travel Abroad?

Use Technology to Maximize your Travel Experience...
EDTEC 350: Going Global
Designing Your International Learning Experience

Travel is the ultimate learning experience. To get the most out of your time abroad, a little preparation goes a long way.

From making new friends, to sharing your journey with the folks back home, and finding the best study opportunities wherever you go, EDTEC 350 will arm you with insider secrets of world travelers to ensure smooth sailing from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. Even better, completion of this course will satisfy general education requirement in explorations Iv.b. Social and behavioral sciences. It will also satisfy the pre-departure orientation requirement set by the International Student Center for students who are planning to participate in a study abroad experience.

Get a head start on your travels abroad with a class where you will explore tips, tactics, and technologies to make your journey an experience to remember!

The Best Laid Plans... Make for a Great Trip!

More than a Syllabus: Your Personalized Journey

Goal Statement: Set personalized goals for your journey
Scouting Report: Gather the background details about your destination
Action Plan: Create your personal strategy for seeing and doing everything you want to do
Capture Memories: Start charting your journey with your choice of multimedia
Follow-Up Plan: Participate in an online community to share your adventure
PLUS: Guest lectures, networking tools, panel discussions, technology tips, international snacks, intercultural interactions, and more...

Student with TrainEDTEC 350 (GE): Designing Your International Learning Experience
Fall 2012 - 3 Units
Tuesdays 2:00-3:15PM - and then you will complete online work in lieu of the traditional Thursday class meeting
Schedule Number: 20995


Instructor: Dr. Jim Marshall|

We will be using Blackboard.

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