About this Course

EDTEC 470, Technologies for Teaching, is an introductory course that provides an exciting hands-on look at the practical use of computer technology for education. The goal of this course is for pre-service teachers to begin to use a wide variety of online applications for both professional self-directed learning and classroom use with students. You will leave with both a sense of all that is possible using technology in teaching and concrete ideas about how to infuse technology into your teaching.

The course meets the technology requirements for new California teachers.

Waiving the Course

If you are already computer literate AND knowledgeable about the application of technology in school settings, we invite you to test out of the course. The next waiver exam will be offered on August 25, 2012. You must register for the test by August 23 and the test fee is $25. The exam is not given on an individual basis. Information on registering for the test can be found here.

The waiver exam consists of a number of objective test items covering educational computing concepts, short essays in which you describe how you would use technology in a given situation, and a performance component in which you create products to meet a specific instructional need. The test is 2 hours long and is taken without access to notes or the web. The best way to prepare for it is to study the EDTEC 470 web site.