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Inspiration ScreensVisual Learning: Graphic organizers are visual representations of knowledge, concepts or ideas. They are known to help enhance recall, provide motivation, create interest, and promote deeper understanding of concepts.

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What is visual learning?
What are some visual learning techniques?

Getting Ready

About Inspiration: You will use the software program called Inspiration to create graphic organizers. Inspiration allows you to ...

Free Trial: Take a quick tour of Inspiration now. NOTE: If you do not already have Inspiration available to you, download and install a free trial version of Inspiration.

Tutorials: Inspiration is an intuitive tool and it is likely that you will learn to use it without help. When you need assistance learning to use Inspiration, tutorials are available at (username: sdsu -- password: *obtain from instructor* )



Inspiration 8 Intro 23363

Inspiration 8 Intro PC 21235

Inspiration also has a 30+ page tutorial available for viewing and printing.

Finally, there is a great video tutorial on using Inspiration offered by Inspiration.

Practice and Assignment

Your assignment is to create a single concept map on an educational topic of your choice that could be used with students. Your deliverable should have the following characteristics:

One example of what your final product might look like is this map about Geology education in CA. Click on the image to enlarge.

Example of a concept map

Here are some more examples of concept maps completed in Spring 2004.

Evaluation: This rubric for your concept map project will be used to score your project.

Tips for Success

1. Use the HELP files found in the Inspiration software to learn more about how to use the tool.

2. Use colors to help organize your concept map. For example, use one color for your main topic. Then make the topics one level down another color (but all the same color because they are on the same level). Do the same for each sub-level from your main topic.

3. Select images and graphics that convey the point of your topic or of a specific idea within your map.

4. Here is a PowerPoint on various graphic organizers that you might find useful: The use of graphic organizers in teaching and learning -- A PowerPoint presentation .

5. Use the examples from the Concept Map Resources page to inspire you to think in terms of hierarchical structures, flow-charts for processes and procedures, etc.****

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