Subject Matter Analysis Assignment

As an instructional designer, technical writer, software developer, trainer or teacher, you must keep abreast of current research in educational product and program design. For the subject matter assignment, you are asked to find, copy, summarize, and discuss the relevancy of a research report from a journal related to our field.

Use the ERIC system (available both on the Web and SDSU Love Library) to locate the name of an article of interest to you. The topic should relate to the subject identified in your performance needs assessment. After you've found the name of the article, we ask that you locate the article in a library available to you, and complete the subject matter analysis report.

The deliverables for this assignment:

On-campus students: Please turn in four (4) hard copies of your instructional goal analysis assignment with your code on it (please don't put your name on it).

On-line students: Please attach the word processed document of your Subject Matter Analysis assignment with your code on it (please don't put your name on it) and email it to the instructor.

The Subject Matter Analysis Rubric will be used to evaluate your product.

An example of a completed assignment is available to view.

A list of relevant journals to the field are supplied below. You do not need to restrict your search to these journals, but don't be surprised if they turn up during your search.

SDSU Love Library holds the following Educational Technology-related journals:


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