Please post all assignments to your assignments web page. Submitting assignments.

You will receive a course grade based on your work on the following assignments:

Name Description Points
Multimedia Tools Complete tutorials for 2 multimedia tools of your choice. (5-6 hours each). 10
Multimedia Research Read and reflect on at least 2 excerpts from articles in the Handbook of Educational Technology and Communications. (1.5 hours each) 10
Educational Video (Team or Individual)
Outline & Treatment Submit an outline & treatment for a short educational video.
Script Submit a script for your short educational video.
Storyboard Submit a pencil-and-paper storyboard for your short educational video.
Final video Post and submit the final, edited version of your short educational video.
Educational Multimedia Workshop (Individual)
Outline Submit an outline for your Educational Multimedia Web Page, a web-based multimedia article for the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology.
Storyboard Submit a storyboard for your Educational Multimedia Web Page.
Prototype Evaluation Report Conduct usability testing of your prototype with two subjects and report on the results.
Final article Submit a final Educational Multimedia Web Page.

Grading Rubrics

Refer to the following checklists for information on grading requirements for the workshop assignments.

Rubric Assignment
EVW Rubric (dramatic) Educational Video (dramatic)
EVW Rubric (expository) Educational Video (expository)
EMW Rubric Educational Multimedia Web Page