Educational Multimedia Workshop


Download the EMW print material: Educational Multimedia Workshop (PDF)

Phase 1: Designing an educational multimedia web page

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Ideas for topics—some sources to get you thinking:

Handbook of Research for Educational Communications and Technology

Glossary of Instructional Strategies

TIP (Theory Into Practice) database

Some good examples of EET articles (from the "old" EET):

Illustrations and diagrams: Artificial Intelligence in Education by Michael Rohrer

Animated diagram and practice using audio: Attention by Dawn Papaila

Tables: Andragogy by Jonathan Green

Still images and stick figure animation: Automaticity by Julie Collett

Visualization Practice -- learning objects to guide you on specifying appropriate visuals.

Phase 2: Story boarding an educational multimedia web page

EET Story board Blank

Copyright considerations: The EET is licensed under the Creative Commons in Education system. As an EET author you agree to let your article be used for non-commercial purposes without charge, as long as users cites the reference, including your name as author. See the license agreement for more details.

Phase 3: Prototyping an educational multimedia web page

Check the EET Help page for instructions on how to get started with your article.

Some good advice on clear, simple writing for international English readers.

Some folks like to make simple, interactive Flash movies as part of their pages. It's not required, of course, but if you're thinking of it, here is a very simple sample movie with two "pages" and navigation back and forth.

Simple_Flash_Navigation.fla (8k): Stuffit (Mac) | Zip (Win)

Other resources for making good visuals simply include:

Send all visuals to the instructor's DropBox "EET Media" folder (if you're not already subscribed to it, request a subscription from the instructor). Be sure to place any media you want in a folder with the name of your article, with space bands replaced with underlines.

So, if your article is named "Baby sign language" you would create a folder in the DropBox EET Media folder called "Baby_sign_language" and place your media inside it for the instructor to upload to the EET media folder.

Be sure to give your media simple, descriptive file names, all lower case, no spaces or punctuation.