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Department of Educational Technology Course Statement

Prerequisite: Preliminary multiple or single subject teaching credential.

EDTEC 570, Advanced Teaching with Technologies prepares working educators to use technology well - whether for instructional planning, lesson delivery, project completion, community connections, or assessment. The course focuses on the tools to which educators and students have ready access as well as the strategies that ensure students are fully engaged in the learning process. The course will equip educators with new skills in several computer applications, but more importantly, course participants will feel confident and empowered to use technology to enhance instructional practice.

Course Overview & Description

The content in EDTEC 570: Advanced Teaching with Technologies meets California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) Category B Program Standards 5 Pedagogy and 6 Universal Access related to advanced teaching with technology. Applicable to the Multiple Subject or Single Subject Clear Teaching Credential.

EDTEC 570 focuses on technology tools that assist teachers and students in active project-based and problem-based learning environments. Candidates engage in activities and assignments that showcase how technology positively impacts what and how students learn, including concentration on Google management and collaboration tools and the educational use of blogs and other social media. The course also includes an in-depth examination of opportunities and challenges the new social media bring to learning environments, including the effects of multitasking, the phenomenon of cyber bullying and the roles and responsibilities of both educators and their students as digital citizens.

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