Your grade will be determined by your performance on these projects and your participation in the course.

Project Description Sample Due Weight
Instructional Analysis  


2/14, blackboard
Teach someone something in 5 minutes(team or solo ) A 5-minute presentation (either live online or offline)--***Rationale is no longer required!

sample & rationale

Training for McDonald's-will show in class) Rationale

3/2 (campus), 3/4 (online), Blackboard's Assignments

Final Project Proposal(team)

  homecooking|online learning 3/28, submit to Blackboard's Assignments
Final Project Work Plan (for team use-don't submit) Complete Instructional Package based on Design Documents. Must include 3+ technology projects

homecooking|online learning

04/04, submit to Blackboard's Assignments

Implementation & Presentation (team)

homecooking | online learning 05/04 (campus), 05/06 (online), submit to Blackboard's Assignments
Final Project: Grading Rubric samples and topics Due by class time, latest by 05/14 (Friday)
Participation Posting to forums, interaction during class, contribution to team work (if teamed)    

Please name your Files:

  1. Plain words or numerals less than 20 characters;
  2. No spaces, no punctuation besides underscore _ or hyphens -, no foreign languages;
  3. IMPORTANT: Include your first or last name in file name to distinguish from others,
    (e.g. analysis_Ben.doc)


report cardGrades will be posted on Blackboard. This is a secure, password-protected system. At the end of the course, letter grades will be assigned according to the standard grading scale.

A (94%+): Outstanding achievement; available only for the highest accomplishment

A- (90-93%): Excellent performance; clearly exceeds course requirements

B+(87-89%): High achievement; clearly and substantially meets course requirements and criteria

B (84-86%):Praiseworthy performance; definitely above average

B-(81-83%):Acceptable performance in a graduate course; meets most course requirements

C+ (78-80%):Average; awarded for satisfactory performance; marginal performance in a graduate course

In general, we award A grades to acknowledge achievements that go beyond specified requirements and criteria. A's are reserved for special efforts that exceed expectations, that demonstrate exceptional creativity, boldness, commitment, ingenuity or elegance. For example, students whose projects demonstrate that they are actively perusing the theoretical and experimental literature and attempting to extend their awareness of interface design tools and strategies beyond those presented in class could be considered for A grades.

Late Assignments

lateAssignments will be accepted late for up to one week past the due date. At the end of that week, they will no longer be accepted or graded. Points may be deducted for lateness, at the instructor's discretion (typically 5% of the total value per day late). Don't fall behind -- it is too difficult to catch up again.
Group Work:

Yes, there will be group work. Working in an online team can be challenging, but important. Online work/collaboration is becoming more and more prevalent. This course has been structured so that everyone will do some teamwork and individual work. You are free to work solo (team of one). In a group work, not everyone in a group will get the same grade. The group projects will have individual components.

Incomplete policy

Don't find yourself in a situation in which you need an incomplete! Instructional design and development is a continuous and a systematic effort. Meeting a production deadline is an essential factor in keeping costs under control. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to complete your projects by the end of the course.