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Welcome to EDTEC 572

Note: Syllabus is current. However, class topics and assignments will be updated.

Final Project: Samples and topics

Requirements for the final project have been slightly modified over the years. All projects have good ideas. But, focus on more recent examples!

COMET 3 from Summer 2010 (password needed projects are are on Blackboard).

Fair Use in the Classroom (fun unit!!)

4th Grade Science Circuits

Creating Student E-Portfolios with Google Sites

4th Grade History Unit:

Persuasive Writing with a Video Twist:

Moodle Training for Teachers (actually implemented at an international school in Saudi Arabia!) Blackboard->Course Documents

How To Use Science Notebooks Training for teachers: Blackboard->Course Documents

EDTEC Masters: Spring 2010

bridgeCommunication for Managers (by Team Bubble, excellent!)

COMET (K12) - (2008 - 2009)
(Note: Some of these projects are now in their E-portfolios.)

Geocaching by Diane Main

Digital Storytelling 101 by Matt Sherwood

Conic Applications in the Real World (Algebra) by Jodi Kohler

Math Facts in a Flash Training by Rich Harmon

Why Podcast by Kimberly McCain-Correll

Turning Kabuki Drama into Video by Juliana M. Liebke

Data Director by Eric J. Smith

Exploring Captioning as a Career by Renee Cohen and Barbara Berkovich

Spring 2009 (the online ones)

Star project: Learn about Wine Tasting

You can access our courseware from the "Learn" tab in the menu bar. Other than the courseware, you are welcomed to register as a member of this interactive, wine sharing community. You will then be able to blog about your wine preference and even give us your valuable comments and well wishes in the forum.

Eat well, Live well by the Health Nuts

Explore captioning as a career

Moonlight's Stage management training

Improving Department photo shoots: for instructor | for students

Integrating Multimedia in the process of teaching and learning

Writing effective course description: the online assessment piece; the rest are docs and are not posted here.

Summer 2008 (online)

A library project using Articulate

English noun compounds for ESL students: from proposal to workplan to the final instructional material

Roller Coaster Physics: final presentation

Mission to Mars: "Why do we go?"

MediaBlender: Bring life to student projects

How to manage your credit

ESL for Koreans (online): Minjuan, edtec572

The guide to becoming Vegan; final presentation

Amy's Knitting_know_how; Instructor guides

SchoolNet Teacher Align Training

Investigating the mystery of the rainbow

Jim's project: his final presentation using mindflash

Spring 2008 (the COMET group--K-12 focus)

Google Training with Jing videos

Recycling for students: Check her Unit Overview section - this is marvelous. Specific documents could be hyperlinked from this overview. Very organized.

Amazing product on PhotoStory3 and digital storytelling

also published on this nifty online site:

How to use moodle

Rules of order (teach students how to write)

Turnover in DODEA: Easing the Transition

Using Google Docs

How to use the Prometheon White Board (district level support)

Summer 2006 Topics

Four Principles of Customer Communication Success

A Wiki Workshop: Module I Wikis: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Documenting Resources In the MLA Style

Leadership Essentials: Two day instructor-led program

Learn to use openoffice

Moodle boot camp for IVAA

Introduction to Moodle

Technology Resource Teacher Workday Productivity

WebCT Tutorial Course

Information Literacy Instruction for Graduate Students in Online or Distance Programs

Converting Word Document to Webpages

Yahooligans in the Classroom Workshop

Strategies for Success – Faculty Development

Line and Circle Graphs for 6 th graders

Finding and Evaluating Health Information on the Web

Spring 2006

Training for Starbucks

Learn how to use Moodle, followed by instructions below:

1. In browser, go to:
2. Click on the course Paloma: Moodle Lab
3. Log in as guest (no enrollment key needed)

Bring Home Cooking Home: Introduction to the Basics
1. Downloaded the Project (Zipped)
2. View the Beautiful Final Presentation (PPT)

A Workshop on Breeze/AdobeConnect:

Getting to Know the Arid Regions--

Spring 2005

Teaching in a virtual environment

Creating effective inquiry learning environments

Technologies for course delivery: a workshop created for the San Diego Community Centers

Empowering your instruction with PowerPoint

Improving public presentation skills

Good mourning: funeral training (see binder)

Sum 2004

Chronicler's 'Basic Training' by Ruth

Computer Ethics: A lesson project for secondary school students by Pei-Shan

iMovie projects in K-12 : by Jonahan and Mick

SCORM for Instructional Designers by John, Lisa, and Megan

Adding Images to MS PowerPoint Presentations by "So Cal Gals"

A Lesson on Photoshop by Carol, Don, and Ross

Vessel Security Inspector Training by Tiffany

A Health Project hosted by Brain Shark (William and Beth)

All Years Before.... (delivered in binders; please excuse broken links.)

Preparing for Effective Online Learning : Star Project by the Pioneers--Jean and Ben

Teaching Integrity: Adam

Program for Interpreters in an Educational Setting (PInEs): Lori (a comlpetely online unit)

Integrating Technology into the K-12 Curriculum: Stephanie

Image Insights: Patty

Teaching Explorer and Word

Using Pocket PC (Sherry)

Designing Smart Classrooms (Ronnie and Pam)

Community Building and Leadership Workshop (Melissa and Katherine)

K-12 (Rebecca: CD available for review)

Teaching Online (Sarah and Andreas: Files available for review)

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