Baby Steps

by Thelma Ouellette

Thelma is a Nurse Educator in the Grossmont Vocational Nursing Program. Her interest in using computers in nursing education led her to the Ed Tech department at SDSU. She enjoys

traveling, culinary arts, creative sewing and

interior decorating.

Instructional Objective The learner will be able to discuss the process of uncomplicated labor and delivery using specific vocabulary to explain each stage of childbirth.

Learners/Context The game is designed for adults who are preparing for the childbirth experience and for student nurses who will assist them in the labor and delivery process.

The game is to be used in conjunction with and as an adjunct to education in the basic principles of labor and delivery presented in a classroom setting. An awareness of the childbirth process is a prerequisite to the enjoyment of the game.

Rationale An educational board game allows the player to practice in a non-hostile environment and stimulates discussion which leads to greater understanding of the topic presented.

Equipment One playing board


Question-and Answer cards (50 blue, 50 pink, 50 green)

Activity Cards (25 yellow)

Four card holders

Six playing tokens (babies in six different colors)

Rules 2-6 players. Time required is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Object This board game takes the player on a journey through the processes of labor and delivery. In keeping with the title, the baby who is in the center of the board will take baby steps, which the player must follow, to the outside of the board where the expectant parents are waiting. This is symbolic of the birth process. In order to advance through the stages of labor, the player must demonstrate knowledge and understanding by answering a question after moving to a position indicated by the roll of the dice. Three categories of information are color-coded:

Blue ..............Prenatal Care

Pink...............Labor & Delivery

Green.............Postpartum Care

Color choice depends on the color of the space on which the player finds himself. The person to the player's left reads the question. If the question is answered correctly, the player may stay at the new position. If answered incorrectly, the player must return to the position held before the roll of the dice. When the player lands on a baby step, an activity card (yellow) must be drawn which will allow the player to advance or regress according to the instructions on the card. The baby who reaches the expectant parents first wins the game.

Getting Started Each player selects a playing token (baby) of a different color and places it in the space marked Start in the middle of the board.

Roll the dice. The player with the highest roll starts the game.

The Play Each player in turn rolls the dice and moves the number of spaces indicated. A card the same color as the space landed on is picked up and given to the person to the player's left to be read. A correct response to the question allows the player to stay in the space until their next turn. An incorrect response results in the player going back to the last space they were on.

Baby Steps When a player lands on a baby step, an activity card is selected. The player reads the card aloud and performs the activity which may be a bonus (move ahead) or a penalty (move back).

Dice Rolls Rolling doubles allows the player to take another turn to select an activity card.

Winning The first player to reach home wins the game.