My European Vacation

by Cheryl Keeney

Cheryl Keeney is an instructional designer at Courseware, Anderson Consulting. She enjoys swimming, jogging, snow skiing, books, and music. She also volunteers at the Big Sister League and has a little sister.

Instructional Objective The learner will be able to locate European countries on a map of Europe through the act of playing My European Vacation.

Learners The learners are grade school children, particularly third, fourth or fifth grade. This game is to be played by four players.

Rules This game will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to play.

Object To get your passport stamped for all those countries that have been chosen at the beginning of the game.

Game Pieces * game board

* container for dice and cards

* playing tokens, each a different color

* 18 draw cards with instructions to move ahead or back

* 12 move cards, numbered one, two or three

* 3 dice imprinted with the names of the 18 countries

* 1 rolling dice used to determine movement around the perimeter of the board

* folding magnetized passports with magnetized pieces containing the names of the countries and simulated passport stamps.

Set Up 1. Set out playing board.

2. Set out the plastic holder adjacent to the top edge of the board, place the 3 country dice in the middle rounded portion, set the draw cards at other end of the holder.

3. Each player takes 3 move cards, each labeled 1, 2, and 3.

4. Each player is to choose a colored token which keeps track of their movement around the board.

5. Each player takes a passport, opens it and sets the passport pieces aside.

6. To choose the player to go first, each player rolls the numbered dice. The player with highest number goes first. Turns then precede clockwise.

7. The first player rolls the country dice and the countries that appear are the ones to be visited. The player then attaches the names of countries to his or her passport in the spaces provided. The first player then rolls again to determine the next three countries. There are 6 countries to visit in all. The next player repeats this procedure until all four players have their countries recorded in their passports.

Game Play Summary On your turn, you'll do the following things:

* Roll the numbered dice. Move your colored token the total number showing on the dice within the boxes around the perimeter of the board.

* If you land on a country that is marked on your passport, affix a passport stamp.

* If you land on a draw card box, do as the card instructs you. If you have just started and the card instructs you to move back more spaces then you can, just go back to start and wait for your next turn.

* If at any point in the game you can benefit by moving ahead or back one, two or three squares to get a passport stamp, you can do this at least three times but no more. On your turn do not roll the dice. Use any one of your move cards marked 1, 2 or 3 and move your colored token in the direction that will benefit you the most. You must turn in your move card after you have make your play.

* Each player must reach the end square. Some players may finish before others. The player who receives the most passport stamps for his or her passport wins. There may be more than one winner.