The Recycle Team

by Camille Currier

Camille is an instructional designer for SWRL: Southwest Regional Educational Laboratory and has a twin.

Instructional Objective Players will be able to process knowledge learned through related Recycle Team curriculum that teaches the practice of waste management. Examples of waste management are recycling, source reduction, product reuse, and composting.

Learners/Context Third grade students who have already been through the 10-lesson Recycle Team curriculum. This game is a reteaching tool.

Rationale Much of what is taught in class can be routine. A board game allows the instructor to provide practice of waste management with an added element of fun.

Rules 2-4 players or teams of 2-4.

Materials needed 1 playing board, 1 deck of Recycle Team draw cards, 1 die, 4 game markers.

Object of game First player to the recycling center (finish line) wins.

1) Roll die to determine who goes first, second, third, and fourth.

2) Choose markers in same order.

3) Start at designated "start" (the dump/landfill).

4) Shuffle cards and place them in designated spot on game board.

5) Roll die and proceed on board the same number of spaces to match the roll of the die.

A different player chooses a card. Read aloud the short example of "reduce", "reuse", "recycle", or "compost" on the card but do not read aloud the answer. The player being read to must guess if the example is: "reduce", "reuse", "recycle", or "compost". If correct, the player moves ahead on the board as directed on the card. If incorrect, the player is told the correct answer but must stay where he/she is at and it is the next person's turn. Repeat playing process.

Player must have exact roll to reach the finish line (recycling center). (For example, if a player is 3 squares away from the finish and rolls a 4, 5, or 6, he/she may not move. The roll must be a 3 or less to proceed toward the finish line.)