Tijuana Turista

by Carol Breckenridge

Carol works at SDSU's Language Acquisition Resource Center and spends her summers in Ontario, Canada.

Instructional Objective The simulation of a day in Tijuana: Students will be able to convert pesos using foreign currency and will practice reading Spanish. (Game to be translated into Spanish). Students will be able to list some of the places of interest in Tijuana to be explored by an American tourist.

Learners/Context Second or Third year high school student in a Spanish Class.

The board game would be used as review or remediation in teaching players to convert pesos and further develop Spanish translation skills.

Rationale Much of what is taught in class can be routine. A board game allows the instructor to provide practice in a particular content area and add an element of fun to learning.

Rules The object of the game is to visit various places in Tijuana collecting as many "souvenir" tokens as possible and return to the border before time is up. The person at the border with the most souvenir tokens when time is up wins the game.

Each player chooses his own colored car and receives $25.00 (U.S.). The value of the US dollar is assumed to be 3000 pesos. Player can buy insurance at the border for $7.00 and receive one insurance "souvenir" token.

Each player takes a turn spinning the spinner and moves that many squares on the board.

To arrive at a location, you must spin exactly the number needed. Player must pay cost to bank, calculating how many US dollars are needed, before getting the souvenir token.

If a player spins "Luck", s/he must take a card from the Luck pile and act accordingly. "Go directly" means that the car "jumps" to that location.

Player must return to the border if s/he runs out of money and wait for other players to get back.