Art Gallery Feud


by Tomoko Ito

Tomoko is a second grade teacher who loves children. When she's not devoting time to her students, she enjoys golf and going to the movies.

Instructional Objective Given a set of "Family Feud" art cards, the learner will be able to state the name of the painting, artist, or classification of the artwork. (Remember/Fact)

Learners/Context The target learners are high school students attending art appreciation classes. The card game is a practice activity, to be played prior to an art slide exam.

Rationale The card game allows the players to reinforce basic knowledge of artworks. It is easily playable anywhere and motivates the students while practicing.

Rules Number of players: 5 or more

Materials needed: Deck of 72 art cards

Method of play: War class


Pick someone to be the M.C. (Richard Dawson)


* The M.C. controls the art cards.

* The feuding members are facing one another with their hands behind them. The M.C. is in the middle.

* After shuffling the cards, the M.C. will hold up one card (the face of the 8"x 6" card is an art print).

* The M.C. will ask the question of the back of the card, i.e. Who is the artist? (Each card will have only one answer on the back of the card. There may be art duplicates with different questions on the back.)

* The first feuding member to clap hands may answer the question. If it is answered correctly, the player keeps the card. If the answer is incorrect, the second feuding member may answer the question. If no one is able to answer correctly, the card goes to the bottom of the stack.

* New feuding members are brought together for the next question.

* After 15 minutes, the feuding team with the most cards wins.

Card Design The face of the 8"x 6" card is a color art print.




The back of the card will either state the name of the painting, artist, or classification of the artwork.

Deck Design There are 72 cards in a deck with 14 sets of paintings (3 in a set). The back of the cards will state one fact about the painting.

The breakdown of cards is as follows:

3 abstract paintings

3 expressionist paintings

3 impressionist paintings

3 surrealist paintings

2 op art paintings

Design Process First a determination of purpose was made. The card game would be a "practice" game using a fact objective. Art was the medium. Initially, thoughts of developing flash cards came to mind, but further analysis evolved the flash cards into a game form. Students would rather interact together as teams in a friendly competitive game.

In developing the content and form of the card game, modifying the game of Jeopardy came to mind. This lead to more questions than answers and was "too messy." What game lent itself to remembering facts in a fun manner?

After some thought, "Family Feud" was selected. The game plan was simple, but enjoyable. At the instructional level, students could reinforce and practice on materials taught in the art classes. Besides just memorizing art prints from textbooks, students could interact with paintings at a different level of enjoyment.