Pulitzer Prize:

A Geographical Competition for Young Reporters


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Sample Content from Dateline Cards

A new plant said to cure cancer has been found along the Amazon River. Name the two countries through which the Amazon River flows. (Peru and Brazil)

A mountain climbing expedition has been lost on the highest mountain peak in North America. Name this mountain. (Mount McKinley)

Fly to Argentina's capital city to cover the recent Presidential elections. What is the name of this port city? (Buenos Aires)

Costa Rica has a very stable democratic government housed in a city in the middle of the narrow Central American country. To do a political story on upcoming elections, you must go to the capital. What is its name? (San Jose)

Massive pollution has been discovered in all five of the Great Lakes in North America. Name the five lakes that you will cover in your story. (Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario)

Canadian government efforts to dress up the capital city have upset some Canadians, who feel the money should be spent on something else. To cover this controversy, where would you go? (Ottawa)

This canal which opened in 1914 shortened the passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic by 7,000 miles. Name this canal, and fly there to cover a feature story. (Panama Canal)

Students in the capital of Chile are protesting governmental policies. To which city do you head? (Santiago)

Cover the recent political uprising in Nicaragua. What two countries border Nicaragua? (Honduras and Costa Rica)

For a feature story, fly to the highest lake in the world. What countries border Lake Titicaca? (Peru and Bolivia)

Belize was Britain's last colony on the American mainland. In what city is its independent government headquartered? (Belize City)

Tourism has changed the island of Barbados, but especially its capital city. To do a business story on this, what city do you visit? (Bridgetown)

Fly to the tip of South America to cover a story on modern-day explorers passing by this once-dreaded sea landmark. What is the name of this archipelago?
(Tierra del Fuego)

A mother and daughter team are about to walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls. Name the two countries you can fly into to cover this story. (USA or Canada)

Evel Knievel is about to jump his rocket-powered motorcycle across the highest waterfall in the world. Name the falls where you will go to cover this story. (Angel Falls, Venezuela)

Foreign ships are dumping radioactive waste into the sea off Alaska's western coastline. What is the name of this sea? (Bering Sea)

Floods along this US river which runs north to south through 31 states have destroyed homes in the Middle West. Name this river which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. (Mississippi River)

Jet over to the US capital to cover the Presidential impeachment proceedings. To what city will you fly? (Washington, DC)

The damming of the Colorado River in the Southwestern US has affected life in this spectacular canyon. To what canyon would you go to cover this story? (Grand Canyon)


Sample Content from Disaster Cards

There has been a large earthquake in the capital of Guatemala. All reporters must fly to Guatemala City.

A hurricane strikes in the Dominican Republican. All reporters must go to the capital city, Santo Domingo.

Flooding in Bolivia killed thousands. All reporters must go to the capital city, La Paz to report this story.

A plane crashes into the Golden Gate bridge in the U.S. All reporters must go there.

An earthquake strikes in Mexico's capital city, and thousands are killed. All reporters must fly to Mexico City.


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