2013 AR Game Projects


Project ID Client Description

New Children's Museum

Team Changelings

Team Designers

Interactive Museum Tour
In the Fall, NCM is launching a new online portal to educational materials such as lesson plans, visit options, discussion topics, etc. As part of this portal, we would like to offer access to content and activities to further extend the Museum experience through a mobile device. To do this, we are looking to create a virtual tour or game that will lead families and groups through our museum space using prompts, artist info, activities to do in the spaces, etc.

San Diego Zoo Global

Team Brilliance

Take Your Thumbs to the Zoo
In 2014 the San Diego Zoo will be developing five AR experiences for families with children 10–14. The goal is for participants to experience science issues sparked by the resources at the Zoo: animals, exhibits, natural spaces, and research. They will discover how a particular science topic is relevant in their lives. We would like participants to meet virtual characters in different locations and to make strategic decisions based on what they learn. We would also like this to be FUN. It is not part of a school field trip; it is a free-choice activity.

Jack in the Box

Team Excellence

Restaurant Safety Scavenger Hunt
QR codes would be placed in various locations of the restaurant. Employees scan the QR Code to obtain information on that item. This type of training is NEW to our business! Great opportunity to be part of this innovative training method.

Sony Entertainment

Team Achieve

New Hire Virtual Tour
We would love the opportunity to develop virtual tours for any of our campuses through the use of mobile devices. New hires are often overwhelmed with the size of our facilities, and getting around the first few weeks can be cumbersome. In addition to our main buildings (which there are several), we also have a health campus with several different facilities, food courts, and different parking lots. A virtual tour would be a great way to orient new hires to the campus and possibly even familiarize them with safety information such as evacuation routes.

Kisco Senior Living


Safety Scavenger Hunt
Create a scavenger hunt for new-hires that they can use to tour around the community (building) to explore areas of safety (eye wash station, fire extinguisher, who to gather when fire alarm goes off, etc.). The challenge is that this needs to be somewhat generic, as it will be used in 21 different communities (buildings / properties).



Team FabFive

Point Loma History
Fourth Grade children will explore the World War II bunkers at Cabrillon National Monument by seeing them mapped onto their playground.




Conflict Resolution
A cell-phone based role play in which information is given out differentially to players.

Projects other than these are possible as well with instructor approval.

This assignment comes from EDTEC 670 at San Diego State University