Board Game Project Possibilities


Project ID Client Description
BG1 Rady Children's Hospital San Diego First Impressions Workshop
Patient Access Representatives (PARs) are responsible for the admission of patients into Rady Children's Hospital. Because they are the first person that the patient and their family interact with, it is crucial that the PARs are properly trained on customer service. The goal of this training is to make a lasting first impression on patients and to provide their families with the quality service that they deserve. To ensure that they obtain the necessary customer service skills, it is vital that the training consists largely of an interactive component so that PARs can have the opportunity to practice. This will better lead to transfer of knowledge provided by the facilitator-led dialogue in the classroom setting. Training will consist of the following topics: Importance of Customer Service, Customer Service that Occurs Before Interaction (i.e. dress code), Customer Service that Occurs During Interaction (i.e. communication), Customer Service that Lasts After Interaction (i.e. attitude), Obstacles of Customer Service, and Culture of Customers.
BG2 Innovation Middle School Common Core Math Game
Build a game focused on a specific new Common Core math standard. (More than one game is possible)
BG3 American Language Institute Participatory Game Design
ALI students could participate in creation of board games, which could focus on either ESL content (how to learn various aspects of language) or culture. This could be an interesting collaborative project, which would help our students with their language development, as well as introducing them to interesting instructional design concepts.
(More than one game is possible)
BG4 Jack in the Box Floor Management Game
Floor management simulation in boardgame format. Placing staff in the right positions for maximum efficiency, making adjustments when people come on and off the floor, or to handle events like cleaning, stocking, etc.
BG5 Matrix Medical Consulting International Medical Business Regulations
Any new medical device, biologic (vaccine, gene therapy, cell therapy), or pharmaceutical must go through a maze of regulatory requirements before it/they receive approval to be sold in a given country or area. The idea for the game is to have players work their way through a series of obstacles, hurdles, etc., mimicking the global regulatory/clinical processes to approval. (First round of design would result in a board game. Second iteration would turn it into an online game.)

Projects other than these are possible as well with instructor approval.

This assignment comes from EDTEC 670 at San Diego State University