2013 Board Game Projects


Project ID Client Description

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)

Team Brilliance

Power Up! A Game Tester's Adventure
Our game testers' career path is being re-developed into a tiered system. As each tester prepares to "graduate" from one tier to the next, they must go through a comprehensive review and/or test to demonstrate their readiness. We'd like a board game (or any other kind of game) that can function as a review tool for each tier's key performance indicators. Testers who play a round of the game ought to feel as if they position up until that point has been summed up and reviewed for them such that they're ready to pass any "graduation exam" given to them!

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)

Team G.O.A.T.S.

New Hire Game
We have an online orientation for new hires as well as a few other new hire resources, but a game would really be a nice addition. The goal is to provide a little more interaction and perhaps a more inviting way to learn company info than currently exists in the online module.

Jack in the Box

Team Achieve

Tray Liner Board Game for New Products
Create a tray liner that includes one or multiple games. This training will be given to exisitng employees for new product rollouts(e.g. hot mess burger, hot mess wedges and red hot shake). We are teaching employees about how to prep, assemble and package all products in the roll out or campaign. Employees are used to receiving standard index card job aids and 8.5 x11 guides so this game concept will be relatively new to them in connection to training.

Including customer service techniques is important but not required.Time is a huge focus for the employees since they work in the fast food industry so the game or games should be relatively short. The education and background of our employees vary on a wide range so training needs to be simplistic.

Midland Credit Management

Team Excellence

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Game
Midland Credit Management, Inc., a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group, Inc., is a leading provider of debt management and recovery solutions for consumers and property owners. Through its subsidiaries, the company purchases portfolios of consumer receivables from major banks, credit unions, and utility providers, and partners with individuals as they repay their obligations and work toward financial recovery. Currently the FDCPA is taught in the classroom setting. The board game would serve as a comprehensive review and preparation for a comprehensive test of the FDCPA.


Team FabFive

Poetry Revival
Appreciation of poetry isn't what it used to be. Other topics have crowded it out of the K-12 curriculum. Visual media compete with the practice of quiet reading. While there are signs of vitality in the form of poetry slams, there's no doubt that the art has lost our culture's attention. Can you make poetry more interesting through a board game? Develop appreciation by helping people master the terminology? Make it dramatic by having players recite aloud?

BG11 Unsponsored Amateur Radio Technician Exam
Ham radio isn't dead. In fact the number of hams is at an all time high after many years of decline. The first step in becoming a ham is to pass a multiple choice exam with questions about electronics and regulations. This game would be aimed at helping individuals not only pass the exam but understand the underlying concepts.


Team Changelings

PhoneDog Millionaire
The success of the iPhone has led to instant wealth for a number of developers. Anyone with some programming experience has looked with envy and admiration at those who've been able to strike it rich this way. The road to wealth is mined with pitfalls, though. App Store policy can change without warning. Someone else might dream up the same belch-app you've been working on and beat you to the market by days. In addition, there are technical elements to master. Use Apple's tools to create your app, or take a chance on other development tools like PhoneGap and Unity? Go with Android, too or instead? Context of use: business classes, technology classes, college groups like the UCSD iPhone club, and relevant meetup groups.

Projects other than these are possible as well with instructor approval.

This assignment comes from EDTEC 670 at San Diego State University