Board Game Design Project


To complete this section of the course, you need to create a design document for an instructional board game. Working on a team, you'll produce a complete description of the rules, board, cards and other necessary pieces. You will also create the artwork and content for the box, board and all cards using templates provided.

Your deliverable is this design document plus a complete, playable game published on the GameCrafter site.


Using the template provided, turn in a web page with...

  • The name of the game
  • Educational objective of the game
  • Time required
  • A summary description of similar games already in existence
  • An analysis of the market and a plan for getting the word out about your game
  • Appropriate grade level and/or other learner description
  • The rules
  • A graphic showing the board layout.
  • A description of the game's effectiveness both in terms of learning and motivation
  • A reflection on the process you went through in designing the game
  • A link to your completed Analysis Worksheet and your Design Possibilities Worksheet

Here are some examples to inspire you:

Game Board & Pieces

You'll be using the Game Crafter service to create your prototype, and submit the artwork for all parts of the game, along with the rules that would be packages with the game. The templates available will force you to modify your ideas to keep manufacturing costs down as well as adjust your game to use standardized parts. This kind of compromise with reality is something that professional designers face all the time.

Evaluation Criteria

In keeping with the multifaceted nature of game design, I'll be looking at your games with an evaluation rubric in mind.

Due Dates

September 29, 2013: As a team, select your top three choices for a project to work on.

October 7, 2013: Complete Board GameWorksheet 1: Analysis with your team.

October 14, 2013: Worksheet 2 complete draft is ready for feedback from Bernie and your peers

November 4, 2013: The final design document is to be turned in and necessary materials to create your prototype uploaded to Game Crafter. This deadline is an ideal. We won't upload to Game Crafter until all is ready, so if you miss this date the world as we know it will not come to an end. (Most likely.)

This assignment counts for 40% of your final grade.

Here are the finished games for 2002, 2003 and 2007.

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