eGame Design Project


In this final course assignment you will work on a team to design an educational game or simulation that is presented to the learner electronically.

The egames this year will fall into one of four formats:

  • Trek - Using the Aurasma or SCVNGR platforms to create a place-based sequence of puzzles
  • ZigScript - Face to face role plays augmented by the use of smartphones
  • CircuitBoard Games - Board games enhanced by the use of smartphones or laptops
  • Traditional Online Games (like the examples below)


Using the template provided , turn in a design document with...

  • The name of the game or simulation
  • Educational objective of the game
  • Time required
  • A summary description of similar games already in existence
  • Appropriate grade level and/or other learner description
  • The rules
  • Screen dumps showing a representative sampling of phases of the game

Use these games as good examples to guide you. These are all examples of the "Traditional Online" sort as we don't have history with the other three types. The deliverable for all four categories will look similar to these.

Evaluation Criteria

In keeping with the multifaceted nature of game design, I'll be looking at your games with an evaluation rubric which focuses on the design details and motivational elements with a lesser emphasis on the overall utility of the design and your description of the design process.

Due Dates

November 28, 2011. The first part of your design, the analysis section, must be completed by this date. It consists of the following sections of your design document:

  • overview
  • objective
  • scope
  • learners
  • context
  • competing products

December 5, 2011. A revised version of the first part of your design along with all remaining portions is due. In this class session you'll receive peer feedback. Then you'll have a week to respond to this feedback and polish your work.

On December 12, 2011, we'll have a showcase and celebration and you'll turn the final version in for grading.

Your work in progress and final version can all be completed as Google Doc pages. Once the design has settled down to a semi-final stage, you may want to move the content to a page of its own on your team site.

This assignment comes from EDTEC 670 at San Diego State University