Exercise 1: What's Fun?


To complete this exercise, create a two minute video and upload it to YouTube. Follow these directions.


Here are three videos completed in previous semesters to inspire you:

Laura Jarman - Taboo

Susan Neva - Nine Mens Morris

Mila Sanchez - Sequence, Wits & Wagers, Carcassonne

Due Date

September 2, 2013. (Even though we're not meeting synchronously that day, let's get it done as there will be new things posted for you to do during Week 2.)

Send the YouTube URL from the sharing dialog box to bdodge@gmail.com along with the Google Account that you'll be using for projects within the course.

Your Videos

Here's what has been submitted as of Thursday Evening.

  1. Heather Greenberg - Tipover
  2. Jodie Tighe - Taboo
  3. Kimberly Unger - Dear Esther
  4. Chiyo Saiki - Monopoly, Slapjack
  5. Jessie Guy-Ryan - Portal 2
  6. Corina Borevitz - Music Games
  7. Akiko Soda - Shiritori Word Game
  8. Derrick Coble - Memory
  9. Refugio Jones - Quirkle
  10. Sherrell Tyler - Clue
  11. Ingrid Greenberg - Space Team
  12. Sabreena Berger - Mexican Train Dominoes
  13. Kasey Carlson - Mario, Scrabble
  14. John Nabozna - 500 Rummy and Scattergories
  15. Mary Schneider - Sorry and Backgammon
  16. Joe Young - The Sims
  17. Amie Barder - Guitar Hero World Tour Edition
  18. Alyssa Widmark - Rush Hour
  19. Amanda Barcelon - Scrabble
  20. Mandi Marcus - Words with Friends
  21. Emily Smith - Balderdash and Lumosity
  22. Jasmine Wettlaufer - Trouble
  23. Rose Wright - Euchre
  24. Aaron Lorenz - Double Solitaire
  25. John Casey - Tenzi
  26. Deangelo Galang - Texas Hold 'em
  27. Todd Beuckens - Texas 42
  28. Teresa Stanley - Yahtsee
  29. Kristin Sanders - Dominoes, Sudoku (URL fixed)
  30. Alyssa Widmark - Rush Hour
  31. Kirby Yau - Plants vs. Zombies
  32. Michael Timog - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
  33. Chelsea Campbell - Pokemon
  34. Amanda Pelloth - LCR
  35. Jay Taylor - Ruzzle
  36. Ernest Williams - UNO
  37. Dawn Cray - Scattergories

Exercise 1.5: Followup Activity

With the twofold goal of both thinking about what makes things fun while getting to know each other better, please look at at least 15 of these videos and try to answer these questions:

  1. What words do people use to describe the kinds of games they like? Luck, skill, people, strategy...others? Or if they didn't actually tell us why they liked the game, what words would YOU use to characterize their favorite games? Jot down each one as you hear it (or say it) and tally them up while collapsing synonyms together.
  2. Where do your classmates live and work and what do they do for a living?

In next week's class, we'll debrief and summarize your answers to the first question for future reference, and we'll team up in a competitive contest to see how many facts you can recall about your classmates. Fabulous (though imaginary) prizes will be awarded.

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