Participation in the
Learning Environment


We're all in this together. This value of this course is at least partly dependent on each participant being fully engaged in providing things for us to read, use and think about. There are three vehicles through which this participation happens:

  • The EDTEC 670 Google Site (campus and COMET) and the EDTEC 670 ES Site (Extended Studies section) are integral parts of the course. They provide a place in which to share and comment on web sites whose content overlaps with this course. Because the pages are archived, it's also a way to pass knowledge from one year's offering of the course to the next.
  • The Google Sites for each team will also be a channel for communication and reflection. We will periodically be asking you to visit the sites of another team and commenting on their work.
  • The various forums in the class Blackboard site provide another place that captures your input.


During each session in the Wimba Classroom, you're expected to ask questions, respond to statements by others students, and in general be active. Outside of class time there will be many other opportunities to perform exercises and activities and report back on your experience.

Similarly, there will be announced times when you are asked to provide substantive feedback to design documents posted by others. You're expected to do this with professionalism and thoughfulness each time.

Ideally, you'll be engaged enough to want to go beyond these requirements just for the fun of it.

Meeting these minimum requirements is worth 25% of your total grade.

Due Date

All participation must be accomplished by December 6, 2010. You'll document your participation by listing your activities on a forum in Blackboard.

This assignment comes from EDTEC 670 at San Diego State University