Board Game Evaluation

Your game will be graded according to the rubric below. By default, the game will get a single grade for the group. I'll ask for your input about the contributions of everyone on your team and will adjust the group grade upward or down for individuals if necessary.

Board Game Name Authors















The game would take considerable effort to set up and play...more effort than it's worth.
The game would take a fair bit of effort to set up and play in the chosen context
The game is fairly easy to set up and play, but a few glitches are apparent.
The game is very easy to set up and play in the context it was designed for.





Rules are unclear and too long. There are rules that add complexity without adding to playability or learning.
The rules are not entirely clear or complete. There are rules that could be eliminated without harming the game.
Rules are fairly short, clear and complete, but could be streamlined a bit.
Rules are short, clear and complete.


Instructional effectiveness



The content is incidental. One can play without learning much.
Significant cognitive effort is spent on things that have nothing to do with the content.
Winning and learning are closely entwined, though some mental effort is spent on aspects that are just about the game.
Winning the game requires learning the content. The two are matched completely.




Elements of the game contradict elements of the content and/or seem gratuitous or merely decorative.
Elements of the content are used as elements of the game, but it seems a bit contrived.
There is solid congruence between the game elements and content elements
Game elements and content elements are mapped onto each other in multiple ways that seem surprising and apt.


The game can only be played in one way. There's no way identified to optimize the match with the players' skill level or different contexts.
There might be a way to vary the game, but it's not clearly spelled out.
There is at least one way to vary the game to meet different needs.
Several variations are clearly identified that make the game playable in a number of ways to meet different needs.


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