Concert Hall

by Anonymous

Instructional Objective Players will be asked to either perform, recite, or use their aural skills in a variety of practice sessions in order to get to Concert Hall, their big debut! Accuracy of responses will advance one the quickest.

Learner Description All players with basic, intermediate, and advanced music backgrounds. Cartridges of various skill levels available. The time required is dependent upon the skill of players and the risks they take.

Learning Domains Associative - recite notes of designated scale and chord

Audible - listen to tape of chord(s)and classify

- listen to tape of scale(s) and identify

Physical - play correct keys for designated chord/scale

- play with correct finger placement

Equipment Electronic capacities; four keyboards (2 octaves) on four sides. Mini tape recorder to play supplied tapes.

Ancillary Materials Dice

Pieces - clef, base, staff, note, piano


Practice These cards are your practice scenarios, testing your performance in aural recognition, physical dexterity, and recitation of notes with corresponding chords and/or scales. Elements include:

Piano Chords: major, minor, augment, and diminished chords in all 15 major keys (C, C#, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, Gb, G Ab, A, Bb, B, Cb).

Piano Scales: minor, major, natural in all 15 major keys (minor keys available in advanced lesson cartridges).

Take a Lesson These cards are picked when you've responded incorrectly in either the "practice" or "play recital" sessions. The degree of punishment is random. Examples:

Whole Rest Wait 1 turn before practice

Octaves Fall back 1 "octave"

Tempos "Allegro" go back 5 keys "real fast"

Liberace Says, "You need showmanship, look for his picture on board.

Sour Note Look for picture on board

Play Recital These cards are of higher skill capacities and are timed. Samples: Play, both hands with finger placement, the 4 chords of your key plus the minor scale twice (Instructions in icons).

Pick a Key Individual names of keys in flats, sharps, and natural forms, plus staff graphic representations.

Music Guide Book correct application displays for all major scales, finger placements, and the chords described above.

Rules To play the game:

* Roll dice and advance on the board.

* The key that you land on is what you will be tested on in your practice session.

* Pick a Practice card and test your skill in the scenario provided. Examples:

-play the E# scale with the left hand

-recite the notes in a certain type chord

-listen to a diminished chord and identify

* If your skills prove incorrect, Take a Lesson card.

* If your skills are correct, stay on your board key or take a risk for an advancement and Play Recital.

* If recital goes well, Pick a Key and advance to next board key.

* If you bombed, Take a Lesson.