The ED TECH Life

by Brian Duck

Brian worked for Courseware and played on the SDSU ice hockey team last year. He is now married and living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Instructional Objective The learner will understand the procedures required to successfully complete the requirements for the Master's Degree in Educational Technology.

Learners/Context The learners will have completed high school and preferably have the college units required to be eligible for Ed Tech 540 & 541.

One game will last about 35-45 minutes. The game can be played by two to six players.

Rules Each player rolls the die to determine who goes first. High roller goes first with play continuing to the left. Each player in turn rolls the die starting from the admissions area. To satisfy the prerequisites of the Ed Tech program, each player must roll a "1" in order to land on each of the first six squares. Landing on a square allows a player to check off a class or activity on their official program as completed. Once they have reached the "Determine Graduate Standing" square, players then move the indicated number of spaces on the die. As each player moves clockwise around the board, they will track their progress with their "Official Program."

Players continue traveling around the circuit in the middle of the board, as they gather the units required for graduation. The courses, however, must be completed in the required sequence, i.e., 544 then 644. Landing on an advanced course when the prerequisites have not been satisfied causes the player to move backwards to the prerequisite course. Only then can the prerequisite course be considered complete. Students must also complete the minimum requirements of Ed 690, 791A, 791B and 791C.

Once a player qualifies for graduation and they land on the "Meet Graduation Requirements" square, they may roll again and move off toward graduation day. Here again, players must roll a "1" to advance to each square until they reach the "Graduation Day" square. The first player to graduate having at least 30 units completed and all the prerequisites satisfied, wins the game.