by Charles M. Hoskowicz

Charles is a senior programmer/analyst for a San Diego-based computer software firm. He enjoys tennis, running, Tai Chi, bridge, chess, and movies.

Players Two to four players, ages 12 to adult.

Game Materials One (1) Board, one (1) Die, Action Cards, Consequence Cards, Question Cards, four (4) player pieces, 120 correct question markers (30 each color), 80 permanent markers (20 each color) and a bank of play money.

Object of Game There are two ways to win the game. The first way is to be the first player to get a permanent marker on each of the five different question categories. The second way is to be the last person to have money left to play with.

Time Required There is no time limit on play. If played straight through it should take approximately two (2) hours.


Setting Up Play begins with each player placing their playing piece on the Recycler square. All players are given $200 at the start of the game. The first person to begin play is determined by rolling the die. The highest number goes first with play continuing to the left. One player should be designated the banker.

The Play Each player should have 30 correct question markers and 10 permanent markers of the same color. The first player begins by moving their playing piece the number of squares indicated on the die. If the playing piece ends up on one of the category squares, a card is pulled from the Question Cards and a question is read from that category. The person whose turn it is answers the question. If the playing piece ends up on an Action square or a Consequence square, the player must draw a card from that stack and follow the cards' directions.

Correct Question Marker A correct question marker is placed on the square for each correct answer given on that square by a player. Once a permanent marker (see below) is exchanged for four (4) correct question markers, no more markers for that player may be added to that square.

Permanent Marker When four (4) correct question markers are accumulated on one square by the same player, it is exchanged for a permanent marker. A permanent marker cannot be removed during the game even if an incorrect answer is given by the person whose marker it is.Correct Answers For each correct answer given, a correct question marker is placed in the small marked off area of the square. See Correct Question Marker and Permanent Marker above.

Incorrect Answers The penalty for an incorrect answer depends on who has markers already on that square. If no one has a marker on the square, the player pays the bank $5. If the player who is answering the question already has correct question markers on the square, one must be removed (except in the case of a permanent marker) plus paying the $5 fine to the bank. If other players have correct question markers on the square, the person giving the incorrect answer must pay each player $5 for each correct question marker the other players have on the square. If other players have a permanent marker, $25 must be paid to them. When other players have markers on the square, no fine is paid to the bank.

Recycler Square Every time a player lands on or passes the Recycler, they collect $200 except when indicated by a Consequence card.

Dump Square If a player lands directly on the Dump square, he/she must pay a $50 fine. The only way to get out of the Dump is to answer a question of the other player's choice from a Question Card. There are no additional penalties for incorrect answers while in the Dump. However, the player must remain in there until a correct answer is given. When a correct answer is given, the player rolls the die and continues play.

Player Disqualification If a player should lose all their money, that player is out of the game.