X Equals

by Blake Isaac

Blake teaches 7th and 8th grade mathematics. He loves song writing, making videos and computing. He lives with his beautiful wife, Myra and his five year old daughter, Nicolle.

Instructional Objective Students will be able to solve, simplify, factor, and write equations according to the standards of an Algebra I course.

Time Required Approximately 45 minutes. The game can be played by two to four players.

Learner Description Algebra I students.


Setting Up * Place Simplify cards on appropriate rectangle.

* Place Factor cards on appropriate rectangle.

* Place Solve cards on appropriate rectangle.

* Place Word cards on appropriate rectangle.

* Stack Determiner cards next to board.

* Deal three Equation cards to all players and stack the remainder next to board.

* Each player chooses a color piece and chips.

* Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first. Highest roller goes first with play continuing to the left.

* Each player chooses a different corner to start on.

The Play On each players turn, they roll the dice and head for a category (simplify, factor, solve, or word expressions) of their choice. Below is a list of what happens on all the different squares:

* Roll again - The player's turn continues.

* Category - Draw a card from the appropriate pile and answer the question. Have the other players check the answer on the answer page. If the player gets the correct answer, they place their color chip on that category square. The player then takes another turn. If the answer was wrong, the player's turn ends. Once a player has received a correct answer for all four categories, they try to land on the Player's Choice square. When they do, the other player's choose a category for the player to answer.

* Number - Let "x" equal the number just landed on. Draw one Determiner card. Substitute the "x" value into your three Equation cards. Simplify the answers until the player finds one that works with the inequality on the Determiner card. If one works, draw a new Equation card and place the matching one at the bottom of the pile. The player takes another turn. If no equation cards will work, the player's turn ends.

Winning the game The player to correctly answer all four categories and the Player's Choice question wins the game.