Astro Stack

by Kathy Peterman

Kathy is an R.N. at Sharp Home Health. She began the EdTec program in 1987 and hopes to graduate in May of 1992. She loves teaching and the creative process.


Instructional Objective New astrologers will learn the names and meaning of the symbols for the astrological signs, planets, houses and aspects.

Learners/Context The learners are new astrologers ages 10 and up who are just beginning to study astrology and need to master the names and meaning of the symbols used in constructing a persons astrological chart. The game may be used solo or in pairs.

Rationale This card game was designed to assist with memorization of facts. Facts are best learned by repetition which is provided by this game. Beginning conceptualization can also occur as one looks at the traits for the astrological signs and sees that the qualities of positive and negative traits are merely extremes on a bipolar scale.


Solo Game Shuffle the cards keeping the symbol side up. Go through the deck looking at each symbol. Sort the deck into stacks of ones you got right or wrong. One point is earned for each right answer. Goal is to increase your score and master all cards within the deck. Beginning level = recall of name only, Moderate level = recall of the characteristics of that sign, planet, house or aspect, Advanced level = (not developed yet, but would include which sign is ruled by which planet, colors for each sign and other cross reference information).


Pairs Game Shuffle the cards keeping the symbol side up. Lay down the cards on a flat surface with the symbol side up. Each player takes a turn by guessing the correct information on the back of the card. If you answer correct you keep the card and you get another turn. If you answer incorrect you turn it back over and it is the other players turn. Your partner may select the card you just missed or any other card. At the end of the game you add up one point for each card you got correct and whoever has the most points wins. The above listed levels of difficulty may be used by determining which level you will be playing; either beginning, moderate or advanced.


Card Design


Deck Design 47 cards with the symbols and meaning of each astrological sign, planet, house, and aspects.

Design Process I like to draw and to learn more about myself and others so I chose astrology as an interesting subject that incorporates both of these. I like flexibility and so I felt the options of playing alone or with partners was nice. Basically the content is for memory and some beginning conceptualization which lends itself well to "flashcards" and "concentration" formats.